Monday, June 16, 2008

Spring Collection- Babyphat

I was shopping at Macy's this weekend and came across a fun dress that was not my style, but I really wanted to try it on.  The dress was from Kimora Lee's  Babyphat spring collection:
It was pretty cute on.  I expected the clingy nylon/spandex material to pull and gather in all the wrong places, but that deco print works some serious magic in smoothing everything out.  I felt incredibly fabulous (Kimora would have been so proud).  I also felt like something of a poser, so I didn't make the purchase.  But it was fun to try on.
I love the fact that Babyphat has always included sizes 14-24 in the line.  And, while it's
 incredibly difficult to find tops that don't have the logo splashes across the front, Kimora knows how to design a pair of jeans for Bombshells.  Your butt will never be happier than when it's nestled into a pair of Babyphat jeans.
And if you've been looking everywhere for a denim jumpsuit, now you know where to go.  

If your look is less urban and more sub-urban, don't be afraid of Babyphat.  To get a snapshot of all the cuteness available, click on the Shop by Collection link on the site's homepage.  

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