Friday, June 13, 2008

A Jumble of Love

In no particular order, a selection of of pieces I want in my closet right this second. Michael Kors cuff pinstriped wide leg pants, up to size 24. Insanely cute.

Everything about this look is so right - the print that is completely proportional to a curvy body; the drapey sash that draws the eye downward and elongates the overall look; the wedge sandals.

Oftentimes, silk tops make me shudder. But this one is well-cut and has some really special details. Check out those knife-pleated cuffs on the sleeves. Gorgeous. And how saucey is that curvy model, with her Cleopatra bangs? I saw a girl at work this week wearing Mary Janes with cropped pants. It looked so fresh. This pair, featuring a 1940's-esque flower detail at the strap, is especially fantastic. Available up to size 12. A gray purse will go with absolutely everything in your closet- depending on what you wear with this bag, it can morph from serious to playful. Up the playful-factor by tying a brightly colored scarf onto the handle.

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  1. Um - LOVE those pants. Why do I have to be a tiny almost 5'3 with a longer waist than legs... Love the dress too...

  2. Okay, I'm dying to know...where did you find the dress?...I love the shoes and the bags--so gorgeous!!!!

  3. The dress was also from Nordstrom's. I consistently find really great clothes there!


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