Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bee-utiful Giveaway!

If you haven't yet submitted a comment to enter the Bee-utiful Giveaway, make sure you do before 11:59 p.m. on June 28th. To celebrate National Pollinators Week, Burt's Bees and I are partnering up to give away 5 free Radiance Kits to Bombshell Beauty readers. The kit is packed full of travel sized products from Burt's Radiance line. It includes: Mini exfoliating bar, Exfoliating body wash, Mini body lotion, Day creme, Night creme, Eye creme, Full size lip shimmer.

Within your comment, share one of your favorite beauty tips and work in the word "bee" somehow. Be brilliant, be cheesy, it doesn't matter. I'll randomly choose 5 winners from those who enter. Go bees!


  1. I tried this before, but my comment must have gotten lost in the ether!

    A nice, light summertime toner is equal parts witch hazel hyrdosol and rosewater.

    If you have sensitive skin, bee (hah!) warned that some witch hazel solutions contain acohol.

  2. I swear by betsey johnson perfume. the scent is so flirty and light and it is perfect for summer.

    the best advice though is to find something you like and feel confident in and just "bee" yourself!


  3. The best beauty tip for summer is to just "bee" yourself!!!

    Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.


  4. Ok, here goes my tip:
    To help control oil in your t-zone, apply a light layer of unflavored Milk of Magnesia before applying your foundation. Your makeup will BEE oil free and matte for hours!
    Just BEE sure to apply only a thin layer, or you will have a chalky residue!

  5. How about flax seed oil! I have found that buy introducing it into my diet, my hair has bee-come softer and not as dry!

  6. Best BEEauty tip I have is to get enough sleep. BEEyond that, I advise brushing your lips when you brush your teeth, and BEEing vigilant about sunscreen and moisturizer.

  7. I use vaseline on my eyelashes at night. Bee careful not to get any in your eyes.

  8. Bee on top of your hair cuts. I am sitting her with split ends saying why do I wait? It's not healthy!

  9. Amid the hustle and BUZZ-tle of everyday, make sure you drink plenty of water so your skin will BEE rosy and hydrated. Also, try to get a lot of sleep (hard for me with an infant right now) BEEfore having to hit the snooze BUZZer too many times.

    Ok, was that too cheesy-BEEzy? :)

  10. Bee not afraid to cut your own hair! Sometimes you can get some amazing results.


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