Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spotlight on - Sassybax

I'm always on the lookout for undergarments that shape my curves into the very best they can be without causing physical pain.  Sounds relatively simple, right?  And yet, any Bombshell who has yanked and squeezed her way into a pair of shaping panties more akin to an iron lung than lingerie knows there's nothing simple about it.   I feel like the creator of Sassybax gets it.  I mean really gets it.   

Amanda Kennedy, former Calvin Klein model and working actress, developed Sassybax because she wanted to focus on enhancing women's self esteem, to give them the ability to look and feel great in their clothes.  Oh, and to be comfortable.  She's designed a wide range of slimming undergarments, available up to size 2X (women's size 24-26) in moveable, breathable microfiber. 

I've not yet had a chance to try Sassybax, but I think they deserve a look.  I'm especially interested in the Bralette which appears to be comfortable, supportive and smooths out back fat.  
I've also got my eye on the Long Leg Panty.   Longtime readers know that I have no butt.  None.  I have a back.  Then I have legs.  Nothing in between.  The Long Leg Panty appears to have some shaping right under the bum - just what I could use. 
Oprah and Cameron Manheim are fans of the Torso Trim.  And several Bombshell models swear by Sassybax products - they should know, as I'm guessing models (especially those over a size, uhm, 0) are routinely smushed into tight clothes.  
Variety in sizes 14+ is always a good thing.  So, welcome to the market, Sassybax.  We're glad to have you.  Purchase the Sassybax online and at high end retailers like Neiman Marcus.  

Photo credits: Sassybax


  1. I like these, but the price..ouch. I have a bit of a problem with B cup through DD being a XL if you are size 16-18. It just gives me the impression that they think one size fits all big gals. That said, I am extremely tempted to buy.

  2. I know, they are a little spendy. I'm looking at it as an investment. The material is incredibly stretchy but formfitting at the same time - kind of like a swim suit. If you do buy, let me know what you think.


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