Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello, Gorgeous

Igigi really gets it. And by it, I mean creating flattering, beautiful dresses for a Bombshell body. It doesn't get much better than their Neopolitan Colorblock dress with shrug. The dress is a perfect marriage of sex appeal and practicality - a trademark of Igigi. The open neckline, in a happy shade of fuschia sure to compliment any complexion, is helmed by bra-friendly straps. The white cinched waist creates the illusion of (or enhances what's already there) an hourglass figure. And the flouncy skirt will move and swish around your legs as you glide down the street. I'm pretty sure this dress will inspire gliding. And who doesn't love a dress named after ice cream?

Available in sizes 12-32, $135.

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