Monday, May 19, 2008

Give a Girl a Hand

I'm leaving St. Paul on Thursday to attend a wedding in Nebraska. I still haven't figured out what the heck to wear. The wedding reception is in a small town (York, whose claim to fame is a water tower painted to look like a hot air balloon). The wedding is at 4:00, with dinner and dancing at the Country Club. Guests include my whole family.

Here's my issue: I live in a city. Clothes and fashion here are different. Whenever I head back to NE, I'm always overdressed. Not because I'm snotty and trying to set myself apart; it's just that my clothes fit my city life but don't translate as well to corn fields and the corner store. I want to look cute this weekend, but I also want to look appropriate. So here's what I'm thinking:

White linen blend pants from LB.
INC International Concepts Silk Garden-Print halter, available sizes 14-24. This outfit seems cute, springy, and like I could chase my nieces and nephews around in comfort. Pants might be pushing it, though...I could play it safe in something like this:
Charter Club Woman Belted Eyelet dress. I could swap out the belt and shoes with more colorful alternatives (blue or green maybe).

What do you think? Other suggestions?


  1. The pants and top look great. Don't worry about pants being wrong
    everyone wears them everywhere.
    The dress is pretty but the color is too dull for a wedding.

  2. hey there
    i LOVE the shirt and pants combo. i dont wear white pants, but i think if you will--go for it. the dress just seems sooo boring.. vicki

  3. I vote for the dress. I have nieces and nephews the same age as yours and I know what my white pants would look like after an evening with them.


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