Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beauty Moment- The Original Self Tanning Lotion

When I walked into my parents' house this past weekend, on my way to the family wedding in Nebraska, my mom looked at my legs and gasped, "You're!" And then she promptly put a tube of Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in my hands and shoved me toward the bathroom.

I couldn't really give two hoots about being tan but as I slathered the lotion on my legs and arms, I realized that sometime between April and May my skintone had changed from creamy white (totally appropriate for winter) to pasty white (not at all appropriate for spring/summer). I've used a variety of self tanning products over the years and usually toss them in the garbage after the third application has turned me Paris-Hilton-orange. Somehow, though, I'd forgotten how great Jergens Natural Glow is. Over the course of the weekend, I used the lotion in Fair every other day. The results? A very light, even darkening of my skin tone - barely discernable but vastly improved.

Since Jergens came out with their revolutionary lotion a few years ago, the market has been saturated with new and improved versions. But you know what? Sometimes, there's no need to improve on the original. Available in 3 shades at most drugstores, $6.


  1. So no orangy tone? Ive never tried the Jergens, but have used some others and was not happy at all. Have heard some good things about the Jergen line.

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  2. I've had great results with this. My only gripe is the smell. Yuck!! Maybe someday that could be improved.

  3. I have the whitest skin possible and have never succumbed to an orange glow at the hands of Jergens. I think the key is in choosing the right tone for your skin - like, I would probably be a little orange if I tried the formula for medium skin tones.

    And yes, the smell is a little sweet for me. And it's the slightest bit sticky.


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