Thursday, April 17, 2008

Warm Weather Workout Gear

As a voluptuous woman who always looks at life in terms of fashion, fit and flattery, I'm especially sensitive to the dynamics of workout gear in my size.  If you do it right, exercise will make you hot and sweaty.  Workout gear can also make you hot and sweaty - full length sweatpants, especially.  And yet, shorty shorts are out of the question when I'm jumping, squatting and stretching.  What's a Bombshell to do?  
Slip on a pair of Old Navy's French Terry Bermuda shorts.  These 100% cotton shorts are soft and comfy, featuring a drawstring waist and subtle rib-knit stripes down the side.  They hit the knee, covering what I personally want covered and taking down the sweat factor just a notch.

In addition to green (above) the shorts are available in aqua blue and brown, up to size 4X for $22.50.  

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