Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Departure

I don't usually use this space to highlight what I consider to be poor choices in fashion- I'd much rather write about (and I'm guessing you would rather read about) all the great clothes that are out there. But I've seen this shape in several stores and walking around on real, live Bombshells and just want to put it out there:

No. That's the gist of what I have to say about these ultra wide leg pants. Hopefully, you can see why they're a no, but for the sake of clarity let me break it down:
  • Ultra wide legged pants add the illusion of extra weight throughout your butt and thighs.

  • They do nothing for balance - most women would have to wear football pads on their shoulders in order to balance out all the width on these legs.

  • To the floor styles like this one do not make you look taller. They make you look like you have no feet, which cuts off the illusion of height.

Just to be clear, I'm not against more moderate wide legged pants. They compliment my shape very well and are a personal favorite. It's these ultra wide legs that are such a no. Rule of thumb- your pants are too wide legged if, while the pants are on you, someone can fit their head up them.


  1. That was great! I have tried the super wide leg pants and they don't do a thing for me! I do have the moderate wide leg and get compliments, but the giant leg is a no-go.

    Liked the color though! Thanks.

  2. I'm almost certain that the super wide leg looks good on no one.


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