Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beauty Moment- Hawaiian Seaweed Mask

I’ll admit to being woefully behind when it comes to jumping on the organic/natural skincare bandwagon. But I’m dipping my toes in, trying out a few products here and there. This weekend, a few girlfriends and I tried out Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Face Mask. I’ve seen Reviva’s jars on the shelves of Ulta and a few other stores but didn’t know much about them.

The brand is the self-proclaimed natural skincare authority – dating back to its inception in 1973. They claim to have been the first to introduce exfoliation via skin peels and the wonders of elastin to the American market. I have no idea if that’s true or not, and I have to admit that the typos and overall questionable writing on RevivaLabs.com make me doubt their ability to pioneer much of anything. Then again, I represent the average consumer- one that can overlook a few superlative claims as long as a product doesn’t make me break out and provides an overall enjoyable experience during use.

The Hawaiian Seaweek Mask works on all skin types, but is especially beneficial to combination skin. It’s supposed to normalize skin to create the right oil/moisture balance. The ingredient list is impressively short and leads off with purified water and Hawaiian seaweed, Kaolin and Bentonite (clays). Basically, the ingredients support Reviva’s claims that the mask will simultaneously deep clean and hydrate your skin.

Even more important, my friends and I really liked the stuff. The clay is a nice Army green, smells like, well, your typical clay. It also smears on smoothly. The label suggested we leave the mask on for an astounding 30 minutes – which went by fairly quickly as we watched Center Stage and inhaled Nibs. The clay dried down, but didn't feel tight. After washing the clay off our faces, we all took turns musing over the softness, smoothness and overall happiness of our skin. Only one girl had a slightly alarming reaction- her skin turned bright red everywhere the mask had touched. She swore it didn’t burn or feel irritated; the redness went away after another 20 minutes and she too claimed her skin felt better.

Overall, I’m excited that Reviva Labs delivered – I’ll be trying a few more of their all natural products in the future. Now if they could just make their packaging a little more glamourous…

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