Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bombshell Icon- Jill Scott

Singer, artist, poet Jill Scott is one of my all-time favorite Bombshells. She's a Grammy-award winning singer, published poet, and actress. She's also a philathropist, with her own non-profit organization whose goal it is to connect underpriveleged minority youths in her hometown (Philly) with funds to attend college.

Not only is she incredibly talented, Jill epitomizes all the best that a Bombshell can be - powerful, gorgeous, completely in control of her personal style. She's not afraid to take up her fair share of a room - that hair! that printed dress! so fabulous!-in fact, she owns her presence. Take a page from Jill Scott's book and step forward today confidently.


  1. I love Jill Scott.. you know she's coming out with her own lingerie line right??

  2. I did hear that she's teaming up with Ashley Stewart to create a line. Makes sense because she has long been a muse for Ashley Stewart's collection.


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