Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trend Translation- Hosiery

For those of you who prefer bare legs under skirts and dresses, don't be afraid of this Trend Translation. I'm of the generation who shuns conventional hosiery (panty hose, that is) to the bewilderment of my mom and grandmas. But I do love a good pair of tights.
In years past, fashion magazines have encouraged the average woman to punch up her everyday look with tights in a rainbow of colors - but the average woman is smart enough to know that fushia legs look ridiculous. However, a matte pair of tights can be very wearable and is a nod to current style.

Just to be clear, tights differ from pantyhose in weight - they are made of more dense material that provides full, saturated coverage, color-wise. Black tights and black shoes look great with a lighter colored dress, especially one that is flowy and ethereal. The black tights/shoe combo ground a dress like this and create a long line for your legs. Or pair them under a black skirt/top combo for a lean, monochromatic look. Accent with a brightly colored bag or strands of gold jewelery for maximum impact. For the truly daring, wear brightly colored heels (like white or yellow) with your head to (almost toe) black look.

Black is definitely the most wearable color of tights, but if you have a brown or mauve or gray outfit that matches your tights exactly (again, going for the monochromatic look) I say give it a try. If you absolutely must wear brightly colored tights, I like the slightly cheeky effect of just a flash of bright red tights under a knee-length skirt and black knee boots. If you really, really want to wear a pattern, make sure it's subtle (like the photo above).

Find Bombshell tights at Lane Bryant (in store), Woman Within, Silkies, and Target (Merona Brand), among others.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to School Shopping- High School

Last week I shared with you some tips for back to school shopping with your middle school Bombshell. This week, I have some great stores where your high schooler will be able to find cool clothes, in sizes 14+, that will help her make her mark.

Just as with a middle schooler, it's important to let your teenage Bombshell use her clothes to express herself. While her style might not be your style (or the style you imagined for her), her wardrobe should be the least of your battles. Make sure that she's not channeling Britney Spears (too much skin, too sexy) but beyond that, let her work out the style kinks herself.

Denim is, hands down, the most important collection that your high schooler will need to build. Check out Lane Bryant for a huge variety of cuts, washes and special edition jeans. High school is a great time to experiment with embellishment - embroidery, rhinestones and the like. And whether your teen has hit her growth spurt or is still waiting, you'll find cuts in petite, average and tall. The most versatile cut is bootcut, and Lane Bryant is known for theirs. It has a little bit of stretch to make the most of a Bombshell shape - you might want to pick up a pair for yourself while you're there!

Also at Lane Bryant, you'll find a great selection of basic tee shirts with a twist. And what Bombshell doesn't like a twist? Also check out Alloy for cute tees in sizes up to 3XL.

A teen can't live in tees and jeans every day (ok, some could). Click over to Alight for a wide selection of shirts by a variety of designers. For high schoolers, I like the labels Pink.Girl, One Step Up and Yoki. They design knit shirts with cute details, flowy tanks and hoodies.

For her first little black dress (to be worn to an awards banquet or out on her first big date), try Kiyonna. The dresses here can be pretty sophisticated so try to steer her toward something simple and well cut - it's never too early to learn the beauty of simplicity!
I would be completely remiss to talk about high school fashion without mentioning Torrid. This line's clothes are fun and edgy, perfect for teens. And the accessories are fantastic! So cute. Click here to browse and to find a store near you.
Product Details (from top)
Torrid's black rainbow heart dot tab scoop neck, $24, photo from Torrid.com; Lane Bryant's stretch bootcut jean, $29.50, photo from lanebryant.com; One Step Up's sweet tea top, $22, photo from Alight.com; Pink.Girl's sun day top, $29, photo from Alight.com; Yoki's perfect harmony sweater, $38, photo from Alight.com; Kiyonna's modal sunburst dress, $128, photo from Kiyonna.com.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bombshell Bargains

If you're in the mood for some bargain shopping this weekend (and honestly, who isn't?), check out these sales and specials:

I've given up trying to understand when/why Kohl's has sales. It seems as though every week they've got something going on. And this weekend is no exception! Highlights include the Smocked-waist Floral Blouse, regularly $38 on sale for $22.80. This would look so cute with denim cropped pants for play, a denim skirt for casual Friday or black bermuda shorts and heels for a night out.

The Striped Inverted Pleat Skirt is also a keeper. This is a skirt that you can wear now and later - with a tee shirt and flat sandals for the rest of summer, with a snuggly sweater and knee high boots this fall. Regularly $48, it's on sale for $28.80.

One (or two...or more) Target runs are usually in the cards for my weekend - picking up last minute BBQ supplies, grabbing a magazine for the lake, etc. I always swing by the clothing department just to see what's on sale - this week, I'm tempted by the Mossimo Knit Jacket (shown in teal, available in white, black and grey) for just $19.99. The puffed shoulders are a fun trend for fall, and the short sleeves make it very versatile.

Equally versatile is Mossimo's Woven Vest, also just $19.99. This vest might be hard to wear if you've got hips - but if you're cuvier on top, the gathered waist will balance out your silhouette nicely. Vests add an element of surprise to your look and layer nicely. It's shown with a tank, which is cute, but I think a long sleeved tee or button-down shirt would be even better.

If you'd rather shop online, check out Old Navy's site. They're featuring polos 2 for $30, graphic hoodies for $25 and deep v pullovers for $22.50. It's worth a trip online.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

On the Racks

When you hit the stores this week, you'll find a few more fall looks on the racks, while more and more summer tops, tanks and shorts head for the clearance section.

Once the temperatures cool off, I'll be slipping on a great pair of jeans, button down and sweater - like this outfit from Lane Bryant. It's classic and tailored, with lots of room for putting your own, unique stamp on the look. Mix it up with your favorite colors and patterns, add some statement jewelry and contrasting shoes. Whatever you do with this combo, you'll look polished and current.

Another fall staple that is already cropping up in stores is the knee high boot. I bought a cute pair late last year that have been languishing in my closet, just waiting for me to pull them out and pair them up with a graphic dress (like this one from Avenue). It's the perfect look for cocktails with the girls or dancing downtown.

And finally, after months of cozying up to the air conditioner I'm ready to cozy up in a cute cardigan. This one by Michael Kors (part of his new-ish Bombshell line, available in sizes 14-24) is great because the swing cut is incredibly fresh. The ribbing and three large buttons add some definition and luxe detail to this updated snuggley sweater.
Product Details:
Top- Lane Bryant sweater, jeans and button down. Photo courtesy of LaneBryant.com.
Middle - Avenue dress and boots. Photo courtesy of Avenue.com
Bottom- Michael Kors swing cardigan. Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beauty Moment

Thanks to many hours in a climate-controlled office, my skin has been a little wan lately. It's missing that Bombshell sparkle, the inner glow that usually perks everything right up. So, I've taken solace in the sheer dust of color offered by Physician's Formula Powder Palette Multi-colored Blush.

I've always thought the Physician's Formula line of products to be kind of freaky - what's up with the mosaic powders in crazy hues? Now I know - the mosaic effect of swirling multiple like colors creates the most natural, imperceptable yet gorgeous wash of color. I used the peach shade and am in love.

I'm also loving the hypo-allergenic properties of the blush and the formula's fine Italian talc. Combined, the application is smooth and silky, the wear is at least day- long (although I enjoy sweeping it on throughout the day just for fun) and the results are non-irritating and glowy. And as an added bonus, the packaging is travel friendly - the the compact features a hidden compartment that houses a mirror and a brush.

Physician's Formula products are available at drugstores, Ulta, Target, and other retailers.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trend Translation - The Carryall Bag

As Bombshells spend more and more time running around each day - from work to pilates to pick up the kids at soccer and then home for a BBQ in the backyard - our purses have evolved from simple handbags that store wallet, keys and lipstick to huge carryalls that tote around all the essentials: mini makeup bag, umbrella, sweater, cell phone, laptop and more. But which style of these mammoth purses is right for you? Which size will carry what you need while complimenting your figure?

If you are tall, your bag should follow the length of your body in order to keep your body's proportions elongated. Avoid bags that are dainty or too small - this size will cause you to appear disproportianately large. Because of your height, you can get away with carrying a bag that is wider than most without overwhelming your frame.

For Bombshells who are petite, find a bag that fits snugly within the curve of your underarm to upper waist. To avoid turning your petite height into a liability, steer clear of bags that are too large; they will make you appear unbalanced. If you choose a strap, make sure that it doesn't hit any lower than the upper hip - any longer and you'll look like a kid carrying her mom's purse.

For those of you who are average height, keep proportion in mind but be willing to experiment. Because you fall within the middle of height extremes, your torso could be longer than your legs, in which case follow the tips for a taller woman. If your legs are longer than your torso, follow the tips for a shorter woman. The rules for you are less hard and fast, so trial and error will be the name of the game in finding the right bag.

When it comes to color, I say make a statement with one of the new neutrals: dark plum, forest green or cobalt blue. Any one of these colors will work will both black and brown clothes, and will step up your style quotient.
Product Details: (from top)
Marc Jacobs Dr. Q tote, $398; Helen Walsh Large Croco Square Shopping Bag, $298; Hobo International Bo Strap Hobo Bag, $348; Kate Landry Crinkle Patent East-West Satchel, $79.50.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to School Shopping- Middle School

Grades 6-8 are the beginning of the end of childhood for most girls. It's when self-esteem is at it's most vulnerable, when makeup, clothes and boys begin to take precedence over playing outside with friends. And for tweenage girls who are budding Bombshells, it's most likely the time they will begin to question their bodies in relation to girlfriends'. Therefore, it's imperative that you do your own homework in order to make back to school shopping for your middle schooler fun and productive.

First thing to do is find out where she would like to go shopping. This will help you understand what kinds of clothes she likes. Yep, I said what she likes. A tweenager's wardrobe is not the place to do battle - I'm sure she's going to come up with something much more substantial that you should save your energy for. Just make sure she doesn't dress too sexily and call it a day.

Before your shopping trip, jump online or give the stores she likes a call to make sure they carry her size. It'll take a few minutes of your time but could really do a lot by way of damage control - think about how it feels when you, an adult, can't find your size in a store. Now multiply that times 12 for your young Bombshell. If the store doesn't have her size, take note of the style of clothing offered there and find a size-friendly alternative.

Expect that you'll do some of your shopping online. Popular teen stores like Gap (up to size 20) and American Eagle (up to size 12/18) offer extended sizes online only - take your little Bombshell's measurements and see if their extended sizes will fit. Another great teenage store that offers up to 3XL is Alloy. Old Navy offers clothes up to size 20 in store and up to 30 online. Maurices offers up to size 24 in store. Check your local department store for clothes from Tommy Hilfiger and Eye Shadow. Just be sure to avoid referring to the plus size department as Women's World. No middle schooler wants to shop there - just talk up the cool clothes available.

Middle school is the time for your Bombshell to start figuring out her own style. Go with the flow, share her excitement and do the necessary legwork to ensure a fun, productive shopping trip. Next Monday, I'll be sharing tips for Back to School shopping with a high schooler.
Photo courtesy of Torrid.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

What to Wear- Job Interview

Choosing clothes just to pick up groceries can be a chore; choosing clothes to score your dream job can be downright scary! No matter the job, some version of a suit (fitted jacket and skirt or full-length pants) is always appropriate. The job you’re interviewing for will dictate the specifics of your suit. If a suit isn't for you, a dress can substitute in.

If you’re trying to land a job in a corporate office, a formal business suit is appropriate. Black is always a safe bet, but I prefer gray. It’s sophisticated and doesn’t look as heavy as black during warmer seasons. Let your personality show through with a brightly colored scarf around your neck or a patterned shoe. If you’re applying for something in a creative field, like a graphic designer interviewing at an agency, a full, patterned skirt and blazer in a bright color might be a better choice. If a blazer or jacket just isn't for you (I feel kind of awkward in them), layer a sweater vest over a crisp button-down shirt. Equally polished.

Let your clothes reflect your personality, but don’t allow them to distract from your intelligence and qualifications. Avoid anything too revealing or overly bright. Likewise, keep your accessories to a tasteful minimum – palm-sized hoop earrings, stilettos with ribbons that lace up your legs, or fishnet tights might be part of your wardrobe but save them for after hours. Use your wardrobe to convey professional confidence and capability.

Product Details:
Tahari by ASL Woman Four-Button Jacket & Skirt Suit, on sale at Macy's $129.00.
Sele Plus Sizes Fitted Puff-Sleeve Blazer, $69, available at Macy's.
Chain Link Johnny Collar Dress, $59.95, available at Avenue.

Photos courtesy of Macys and Avenue.

Dear Bombshell

Dear Bombshell:
One of my best friends is getting married in August and the bachelorette party is coming up. We’re all getting dressed up and going out to dinner and dancing. The invitation said that everyone but the bride should wear all black. I’m in my mid thirties and have a small bust and very curvy hips. Can you help?

Dear Sanda-

What a fun night out! There’s nothing like getting all the girls together and hitting the town. When wearing all black, it’s essential to incorporate great details – like the Callie dress from Igigi. Because you have a smaller bust, a heart-shaped neckline will add some definition to the upper half of your body. It will also draw attention up to your face. The flouncy cut of the skirt will create movement for the bottom half of your body, which balances out curvy hips and thighs. The lace insets add a touch of glamour and delicate contrast to an all black look.

This particular dress also comes with a lace shrug to slip on if it gets cold or you’d rather not show off your arms. Accessorize with black patent leather purse or shoes for maximum impact. Have a great time!

Product Details:
Callie dress, $129.00 available at
www.igigi.com. Photo courtesy of Igigi.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beauty Moment

Hair color is an investment - of time if you buy a box and do it yourself, of money if you make regular trips to the salon - that doesn't always pay out the way one might hope. Vibrant blond highlights can go brassy, a rich chocolate brown can fade, leaving you with sad, sad hair. And until now, there wasn't a whole lot that could be done about it.

Aveda has come out with Color Conserve Foam, a lightweight product that lives up to its promise to protect hair color from the sun - the leading culprit in brassiness and fading. Using natural ingredients, like cinnamon bark and wintergreen to block the sun's rays and native proteins to increase hair's resiliency, Color Conserve Foam is worked into hair like a mousse. The texture is fluffy, the scent is refreshing (as only Aveda can do) and the results are amazing.

A friend of mine is naturally a dishwater blonde. She colors her hair a beautiful dark brown which, in the past, has had a tendency to fade within weeks. Thanks to Color Conserve Foam, she's on week 8 and still going strong.

Product Details:
Aveda Color Conserve Foam, $14 for 6.7 fl oz., available wherever Aveda products are sold, and online at www.aveda.com.

Photo courtesy of Aveda.com.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trend Translation- Metallics

Metallic fabrics and effects have been at the forefront of fashion for several seasons, and shows no signs of going anywhere. Because gold, silver and bronze look amazing next to a tan, summer is a great time to experiment with this trend.

One of the easiest ways to wear a metallic is with shoes. A metallic shoe works for both day and night, as long as you pair it with understated clothes. For day, pull on a bronze heel to replace your usual brown. For night, slip on strappy silver sandals with a simple white dress. Metallics can typically replace any neutral that you might normally wear: brown, black, nude.

Another way to splash on a little metallic is with nail polish. I’ve been wearing a shade of OPI polish called Toron-Toes Rose. It’s a raspberry red blended with gold – the effect is sophisticated with just enough flash to feel trendy. It looks equally great on tips and toes.

If you’re interested in making a bigger statement with metallics, look for a foil tee shirt like this one from Lane Bryant. The metallic foil design stands out from the basic tee, which can be dressed up or down, without overwhelming your look. At all costs, avoid the lame' affect so popular in the 80's.

A Bombshell works a trend by fitting it into her own signature look. Decide how to best work metallics into your wardrobe for an easy update.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to School Series - Part 1

Even if the kids aren’t ready for it, stores are beginning to clearance out their shorts and tees to make room for fall’s crop of light-weight sweaters, jeans and long-sleeved tops. As a high school student, I both loved and dreaded this change of seasons. Loved it because there’s something incredibly fresh about starting a new school year. Dreaded it because Back to School shopping was always a disappointment.

At 16, all of my girlfriends would get together and go downtown to stock up on Lucky jeans and cute little Tommy Hilfiger polos. I had to rifle through Lane Bryant with my mom (no offensem Mom) for anything that didn’t look like it belonged on a 45 year old woman. My self esteem would be at rock bottom by the end of the day, and my mom would be ready to strangle me for morphing into a sullen, hateful teenager. Luckily for today's Bombshell teens, the back to school shopping experience can be fun, fun, fun.

If you're taking a teenager shopping, keep these tips in mind:
  • Don’t make a big deal out of the fact that back to school shopping might be more challenging for a teen wearing sizes 14+. Focus on all the cute options available.
  • Plan ahead; expect that you will have to order clothes online. Make sure they arrive in time for the big day back in the classroom!
  • Go with the fashion flow; expect that your teenager will have different ideas about what she wants to wear. You focus on “appropriateness"( i.e. avoiding overt sexuality) and let her choose what’s “cool” or shows her personality.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting some of the most fun, age appropriate places to shop for size 14+ school clothes. Next Monday, I'll kick things off with clothes for middle schoolers. I have a lot of ideas to share with you, but would love to hear what you have to say about shopping for plus size teens. Any specific problems? Great shopping tips? Let me know!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fall Preview

The only way to stay sane (for me, anyway) while sweating it out through July and August is to look ahead, yearningly, for Fall fashion. And there's a lot to look forward to! Here are a few trends that you'll see cropping up this September, as interpreted by Old Navy.

Volume has been the most dominant silhouette on the runways for the past several seasons. Designers have been infatuated with shapeless dresses, trapeze and ultra A-line styles. I'm excited to see that the concept has finally been translated into a Bombshell style - strategically placed volume. This boatneck tee shirt is adorable, and the puffy sleeves are going to be on every fashion devotee in sight. Puffed sleeves go a long way toward balancing out hips that are larger than a woman's shoulders.
Another trend I'm thrilled to see fall by the wayside is the low rise jean. This Bombshell has had a hard time finding jeans that don't result in a muffin top (that round band of skin that pokes up over the waist band of too-low jeans). I can't wait to slip on this pair of Classic Cut jeans; I especially like the trouser-type treatment Old Navy has chosen for this pair.

And finally, jewel tone colors will be a big hit once again this Fall. Think burgundy and wines, emerald green, sapphire blue - these colors are the epitome of lush glamour. A touch here and there, in a purse or shoe, is a great way to wear this trend. I especially like this camisole - it has delicate, feminine accents around the neckline. This is a piece that could be worn now and later, layered under a suit or a cushy velvet blazer.

The key to following trends this Fall will be to choose only those that are truly flattering to your body and appealing to you sense of style. Trends come and go, but style is timeless.
Product Details:
Ruched boatneck tee, $26.50; Classic cut jeans, up to size 30, $32.50; crochet top camisole, $24.99. All available online at www.oldnavy.com.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beauty Blitz...and a Gift!

Head into Macy's between now and July 29th to pick up a fabulous gift-with-purchase from Elizabeth Arden. EA is well known for being extremely generous with gifts; the tote bag alone is cute enough for $22.50!
To help you decide which products to buy in order to reach the $22.50 minimum qualifying purchase, I've pulled a few of my favorite Arden products.

5th Avenue is one of the most versatile of fragrances; I first wore it to high school prom my junior year. I thought the scent typified all that was glamourous and grown up and fabulous. Apparently, my mom did too because she adopted 5th Avenue as her signature scent. That's the beauty of this clean, sophisticated perfume- almost anyone can splash it on and make it her own.
Sarah Jessica Parker has been known to gloss her lips with EA's Crystal Clear Lip Gloss. The consistency is fantastic - slick, not gooey. It's the perfect addition to your favorite shade of lipstick or looks fresh worn alone. The gloss is lightly scented/flavored with spearmint which will appeal to anyone getting up close and personal with your lips.

The gift-with-purchase includes a travel size version of Elizabeth Arden's famous Eight Hour Cream, but you're going to need a full size bottle to go along with it. This classic emollient formula, as created by Elizabeth in 1930, does a little bit of everything: soothes and restores skin that is chapped, cracked, red or irritated. It's a winter must-have, but in the summer I slather it over my heels and toes to keep the pedicure looking fresh.
Product Details:
Available at Macy's and other retailers. 5th Avenue, $33.50 for 1 oz; Crystal Clear Lip Gloss, $14; Eight Hour Cream, $16 for 1.7 oz.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spotlight on: Monif C

Monif C knows how to do Bombshell. Flowy, colorful, cut to there, show- off- what -you- got dresses abound within this line! The design duo behind the brand is a mother/daughter team that draws inspiration from their family's roots in Barbados and their own desire for unapologetically sexy clothes.

In addition to showing up on this past season's American Idol (as worn by Jordin and Melinda), Monif C has made a big splash in such magazines as Cosmo, Essence & Gamour, and on TLC's fashion makeover show, What Not to Wear. I love this purple mini dress- it's short without being vulgar, hugs every curve, features great cutout details on the sleeves and is just so darn cute!
Monif C's Manhatttan boutique has recently opened, so if you're in the area be sure to look them up. For the rest of us, check out their web site to shop and read Monif's blog for insight into the life of a fabulous designer.
Product Details:
Selma Armhole Mini Dress, $175, available in sizes 14-24.
Photo courtesy of www.monifc.com.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Perfect fit- Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are extremely versatile- depending on the wash and style, yours could go from a music festival (with tee shirt and flip flops) to date night (silky tank and heels). Denim skirts are difficult to fit - it's not as easy as rifling through the racks at you favorite store, finding any old one and buying it. Denim is a lot less forgiving than cotton blends, and there's a lot of room for error.

A few pitfalls to avoid with denim skirts include obvious fading. When you put on a skirt like the one below, you instantly draw attention to your thighs - not typically an area most women want to shine a spotlight on. In addition, this skirt is incredibly short - 15.5". That makes it a mini - unless you're under 21 and have very slim legs, avoid this like the plague that it is. On the opposite end of extreme lengths you'll find this ankle biter. At 36", it will most likely fall in that no-man's land of awkward skirt lengths - hovering somewhere between calf and ankle. This unflattering length will throw off the natural proportion of your body. Do your legs some justice by choosing a cut either knee length or just below.

Notice how this skirt is the equivalent of tapered jeans; the fabric swathes around curvy hips, thighs and rear then drops down into a narrower silhouette at the bottom. This skirt has effectively obliterated the sexiness of your curves, turning them into bulk. Don't do that to your curves. They deserve much better.

We're getting closer to perfect fit with this skirt. The length is a leg-flattering 27", no spotlight-like fading. In fact, this is the most common style of denim skirt available. But that doesn't make it the most flattering to most women.

This skirt is cut from stretch denim which will ensure a nice hugging effect to your curves. But unless you are equally proportionate throughout your shoulders and your hips (basically, a straight up and down frame) you will experience some pain with this style. For example, if you are very busty, this skirt will create a tapered effect to your overall proportion. Conversely, if you carry your curves throughout the hips and rear, your upper body will look disproportionately tiny. I consider this last skirt to be as close as possible to perfect for most Bombshell body types. The length hits just below the knee (or right at it if you are on the taller side), and is cut close to the body throughout the hips and thighs (to provide shaping and a little love to your curves). The silhouette is a cute version of an A-line. The godet inserts create a kicky, flirty hemline. This hemline is key to creating movement to the bottom of the skirt. Movement will balance out your body, whether you are busty or curvy or carry some weight in your legs. Obviously, shopping is not a 'One style fits all' situation. But keep in mind these basic ideas about denim skirts. Think more about what looks good on your body and less about what is on the rack in front of you. It may take some searching to find your perfect fit, but it will be worth it.

Product details: (from top)

Belted mini skirt, $33, available at www.alight.com.; Ranch Dressing skirt, $39.99, available at www.alight.com; Denim panel skirt, $29.95, available at Avenue; Fit and Flare denim skirt, $75, available at Elisabeth by Liz Claiborne.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Maurices Goes Bombshell

Retailer Maurices is now offering up to size 26 in stores, nationwide. Their clothes are generally geared toward a younger audience, 14 and up. However, after looking over some of the clothes highlighted on their Web site, I feel confident that anyone older could also mix a few pieces into her wardrobe. I'm extremely excited that today's younger Bombshells have such great choices!

Along that same vein, I'm working on a special post for Back to School shopping. I'm putting together essential information on that annual shopping ritual, with the middle school/high school Bombshell teen in mind.

Photo courtesy of www.maurices.com.

Beauty Moment

Every time I step outside, whatever effort I've gone to in order to look nice instantly melts and wilts. Everything, that is, except lipstick. And so lipstick has become my summer beauty essential - it's quick and easy to put on, and can pull a minimal look into the "I'm so polished" zone.

One of my favorite lipsticks is Mango by Bobbi Brown. It's a very wearable orange, reminiscent of Bombshells in the 40's and 50's. Our Bombshell predeccessors did not have the luxury of lip colors in nude, pinky nude, beigey nude, pinky lavender, etc. They had various shades of red and orange. With that mindset, I feel incredibly glamourous after each swipe of Mango. The formula is creamy, yet semi-matte - the color is very saturated and really stays in place. It's best when paired with a tan (or a touch of bronzer for the fair skinned) and mascara. Looking good won't get any easier than that!

How are you surviving the summer, beauty-wise? I'd love to hear about your summer beauty routine.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Online retailer Igigi is hosting a Red, Hot and Blue Sale through July 5th. Save 30% on shapely tops, wide legged pants, sexy dresses and more. If your closet is still lacking a fabulous little black dress, now's the time to pick one up. I suggest the Stella Cocktail dress, pictured here. It's refined, it's flattering, it's a little bit sexy, and it features an interesting lace-trimmed bateau neckline.
Whatever you're looking for, click here to start shopping. Enter the coupon code JULY at checkout. And let me know what you pick up!

What to Wear- 4th of July

Put your $5 flag tee from Old Navy back in the drawer (or toss it in a sack of stuff to go to Goodwill...your choice), and look for alternate ways to say "God bless America" this 4th of July. Here are a few outfit ideas for inspiration:
  • Denim skirt+red & white polka dot t-shirt

  • Crisp white pants+blue & white striped t-shirt+chunky red necklace

  • Long, red cotton skirt + white tank+ gold and blue jewelry

Allude to patriotism without actually slapping a flag on your chest. Besides, actions speak louder than words - light a sparkler, sing along with Lee Greenwood, stand up with hand over heart when you hear the National Anthem - and you'll look great no matter what you're wearing!

Product Details:

2-in-1 polka dot shirt from Lane Bryant, $26.50, available in assorted colors.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Another Designer Goes Bombshell

Designer Rachel Pally is working on a new line of jersey knitwear with the Bombshell in mind. Pally's style is very fluid and movement-oriented, so look for empire waist dresses (like that shown here), wide legged pants and flowy tops in sizes 14-20. She's partnering with Nordstrom to get the collection in stores this Fall; let's hope subsquent collections will be more inclusive of Bombshells size 22+. Baby steps, girls, baby steps.