Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trend Translation - Plaid

Plaid has sloooowly been inching its way back onto the fashion radar. It peaked back in the nineties, thanks to grunge rock and the cast of Beverly Hills 90210. But plaid is back and, in small doses, is better than ever. The Bombshell outfit to your right, available at Macy's, is a perfect example of how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

The cut of the shirt is very flattering, with the cutout bustline and solid camisole underneath. The camisole serves two important purposes: covering up your assets (obviously) and breaking up the pattern to avoid overwhelming the outfit. Paired with light khaki pants, the plaid gets all the attention it deserves, without coming across as too serious. Keep it light, keep it playful.

Avoid camp-style shirts (the boxy button up plaid versions), keep the plaid pattern under control and have fun with this trend. It's very 1950's pinup, when done right. Very Bombshell!

The temperature has risen, the humidity is doing a number on my hair and all I can think about is slathering myself in SPF 45 and stretching out beside a crisp, blue swimming pool, pina colada in one hand and a pile of magazines at the other. Of course, though, I'll need an easy to throw on, easy to take off outfit while in transit to and from my personal oasis.

There's nothing quite as uncomfortable as pulling on clothes after being in the pool and sun. Everything clings and pulls and feels slightly off - which is why I love tankini's. Pull on a pair of flowy gauchos and suddenly the tankini top is a fabulous tank! Accessorize with cute shoes and a bag - you're ready to go. It's the ultimate summer outfit - ready for anything!

Product Details:
Old Navy tie front gauchos, $19.50; hibiscus tankini, $30, both available at

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lingerie Sale

Take advantage of this golden opportunity to stock up on bras and panties at LB. If there's one thing Lane Bryant does well, it's a sale. Make sure you have two summer essentials on hand: nude colored underwear (for wearing under white shorts or pants) and a convertible bra to wear underneath tanks and halter tops. Anyone who tells you that visible bra straps are OK is not looking out for your best interests.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Skirt, Two Seasons

The B & Lu brand of Bombshell clothing is one of my all time favorite design houses, thanks in large part to their unique, boutique style offerings. This skirt, called Francine, is intricate and ornate and perfect in every way. Not only is it a nod to decadence and high style, it's classic enough to buy today and wear tomorrow.

For spring and summer, pair it with a simple white t-shirt or tank and nude heels or sandals. This fall and winter, slip it on with a thin black cashmere sweater and knee-high boots. A Bombshell wardrobe isn't about having the most clothes; it's about having the right clothes. A statement-making piece like this belongs in your closet.

Product Details:
B & Lu's Francine skirt in orange retro, $44, available at

Beauty Moment

It's not in the Bombshell nature to gossip (well, once in a while maybe) or focus on the negative in any situation. Then again, it's also not part of her nature to stay quiet in the face of injustice. And that's exactly what I consider my recent brush with BareMinerals makeup: a true injustice to my face.

I don't know a woman alive who hasn't seen one of the BareMinerals infomercials and thought, "Wow. Really? I wonder if that would work for me." I also don't know anyone, personally, who has tried the line of products. Last night, while browsing through Ulta, looking for my next favorite product, I came across the BareMinerals Starter Kit, complete with 2 mineral powder foundations, mineral veil, blush, bronzer and 3 brushes for the price of $60. I couldn't resist the temptation to find out, once and for all, whether or not mineral makeup really is a revolution or just a gimmick. I'll let you draw your own conclusion.

The must unappealing feature of these products is that they are all powder-based, which makes them inherently messy. The application was difficult, even for a woman who's been wielding makeup brushes since early childhood. I can only imagine someone less familiar with makeup application trying to muddle their way through all the swirling, tapping and buffing!

The second most unappealing feature of the products was the uneven application. No matter how much I buffed, the makeup seemed to cake layer upon uneven layer onto my face. I stepped back from the boudoir mirror having buffed away any of my natural skin color or texture. Truly frightful.

Believing that I may simply be inept at applying mineral makeup, I poured a glass of wine and loaded the kit's step-by-step instructional DVD into my player. Two glasses later, I decided that any makeup routine requiring a step-by-step instructional DVD is not for me.
In the diplomatic spirit of fairness, I ask: Are you a mineral makeup convert? If so, why?

Eastern Flair

As the temperatures rise, you will no doubt see more and more women wearing less and less clothing. Yes, weather dictates clothing choice and the warmth of sunshine begs for a flash of skin, but what could be more predictable than tank tops and tiny skirts? Predictability reeks of insecurity...choose to stand out with an infinitely more interesting choice: a kimono.

They're lush and lightweight, flowy and flirty. Wear one over a pair of pants, slip one on over your swimming suit at the pool, go ultra casual with a pair of cropped jeans. Take inspiration from the kimonos pictured, and keep in mind these fit tips:

  • Balance out the flowy proportion of the kimono with wide-legged pants. You'll look top-heavy if your pants are too skinny.

  • Anchor a printed kimono with dark pants - this will help the eye understand where to look, and will place emphasis on the top half of your body. For a lithe, streamlined look choose pants of the same color for a monochromatic kimono.

  • Make sure your kimono has enough structure to avoid overwhelming your body; cinch it in at the waist or under the bust.

Product Details:

Both kimonos available at See site for prices.

Photos from

Bombshell Inspiration-Citrus and Black

While walking downtown last night, I was inspired by a fabulous outfit worn by a fellow Bombshell walking in the opposite direction. She wore black peep toe heels, black bootcut pants, and the juiciest lime green short-sleeved cable knit sweater. She looked polished and fresh, ready to take on anything. I have no idea where she was headed, but this woman exuded confidence and color.

There is something infinitely appealing about putting on a bright color. And pairing it up with a dark color for some contrast is a very chic way to maintain the pop without wandering over into neon eyesore. The sweater shown above is fantastically light weight, giving just enough coverage this spring to stave off the chill of overly-air conditioned buildings without making you melt out in the sun. And the pants? Classic perfection from Eddie Bauer.
Take a look in your closet and see if you can create a similar look. You never just might inspire someone else today!
Product Details:
Elisabeth by Liz Claiborne LCW Bi-color stripe jersey sweater, $89, available in stores and online at
Eddie Bauer Blakely fit trousers in black, $54.50, available online at
Photos from and, respectively.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Beauty Moment- Bain de-luxe Foaming Body Scrub

Tub time is sacred for this Bombshell. It's a time just for me, when I can relax my mind and rejuvenate my skin. It's a time to wash away the day, deep condition my hair and steam up the bathroom mirror. Hence, I don't jump into the shower with just anyone. In order to take up permanent residence along the edge of my bathtub, a product has to fulfill 2 essential requirements: voluminous lather and intoxicating scent. A third, unofficial requirement is occasionally applied (although is rarely a deal breaker): a product should not cost so much as to cause undue guilt and rationing. Savon's Bain de-luxe foaming body scrub in Rosemary Mint meets and exceeds all three of my requirements.

The scent? Invigorating, refreshing, can't-get-enough-of-it good.

Lather? Lots and lots. The scrub pulls double duty by starting out as an exfoliater, one that polishes without feeling abrasive and then melts into a pile of silky lather.

Cost? Minimal. We're talking $3.99 per bottle, available at Ulta, and other discount retailers.

The line also features a body lotion and spray, a body wash and soaps. Admittedly, the body lotion is a little whimpy (although silky smooth in application) but retains the delicious scent when layered in between scrub and spray. As if these were not reason enough to move in permanently, Bain de-luxe's packaging is beautiful in a minimalist spa kind of way.

Friday, May 18, 2007

What to Wear- Date Night

There's nothing a Bombshell likes more than a reason to celebrate - finishing a grueling project at home or work, winning your dollar back from the Powerball lottery, lasting a whole week without having to re-do your nails - no occasion is too mundane.

If you have nothing else to celebrate this week, celebrate the end of the week by getting dressed up and going out on a date night. Date nights with friends are just as much fun as date nights with your significant other; whatever you do, wherever you go, take a little extra time tonight to get ready. Pour a glass of wine, take a long bath or shower, put perfume on every pulse point and slip into a fabulous outfit. Take this one from Lane Bryant, for example:

The smocked shoulder blouse (available in a variety of colors) in red infuses a shot of glamour & femininity into any look. I love the detail at the shoulders, complimented by the faux-mandarin collar and pin-tucked hem. Pair the blouse with:
Micro-sanded bermuda shorts in black. The micro-sanding treatment gives this short a little more ooomph, a light sheen that will take you one notch above casual. The bermuda short is a more modern, fashion-forward answer to the capri pant. I love it because women of all ages can wear this length - it's not too bare, nor is it too covered up. Now for accessories...

I would recommend ditching the necklace and only wearing the earrings. With the smocked-shoulder blouse, you've already got enough detail going on throughout the neckline. Plus, I like to break up jewelry sets to mix and match my own. These earrings are fantastic with the rest of the outfit, though. They are sleek and interesting, but understated. Speaking of sleek:

Few shoes combine sexy and sleek like the slingback. And with a low kitten heel, you'll actually be able to walk around and enjoy yourself while out on the town. What a concept!

Product Details:

All items shown are available online at

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bombshell Book Review- Style by Kate Spade

Kate Spade, designer extraordinaire of handbags, shoes, stationery and more, has written a trilogy of quaint little books titled Style, Occasions and Manners. The premise of Style is to share those sources which most inspire Kate - people, movies, music, art. Her witty, conversational style of writing coupled with the most adorable watercolour illustrations deliver a glimpse into the wonderful, well-dressed world of Spade.

The most brilliant (and useful) sections of the book include overviews of Kate's favorite color palettes; full treatment of and attention to accessories; as well as insights into her own style quirks. For example, she never wears pantyhose, but frequently admires them on other women. Go figure. Kate shares her own ideas about style, but maintains that true style evolves when you follow your own rules.

The best part? On the bottom right hand of every other page is a nonsensical fun fact, such as, "A ten gallon hat holds less than a gallon of water." This book is pure fun to read - you'll come away with an appreciation for the inspiration in the world around you, as well as the desire to come up with a few fashion quirks of your own.

Style, by Kate Spade retails for $20 and is available in most bookstores.

Spotlight on- Avenue

Credit can go to my friend and fellow Bombshell, Stephanie, for introducing me to Avenue. Steph and I have long been devotees to Lane Bryant (LB), which is why I was shocked when she began to turn up for shopping trips in clothes I'd never seen before. Luckily, she's not stingy when it comes to sharing the fashion wealth. She whisked me off to her new find.

Admittedly, I was not initally impressed. It felt as though one had to do a lot of digging to find anything worth trying on. The shirts were too long, the pants were slightly voluminous and the dresses reminded me of 1994. Then, I bumped into a rack of jeans and fell in love. It was my appreciation for Avenue's fun, trendy cuts of jeans that kept me coming back. Based on the innovation in their denim selection, I knew that Avenue had it in her to really come out swinging. She just needed some time. It's been 4 years since that fateful meeting. I knew this store had potential as yet untapped. Until now.

It seems that this Bombshell retailer has finally figured out who she is and what she's all about, and I love her for it. Dresses with modern, yet flirty, appeal. Cropped pants in every color and fabric imaginable. Yoga and workout pants galore! And don't forget the shoes...the most comfortable, stylish shoes in sizes up to 13. Well done, Avenue.

Photos courtesy of

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trend Translation - The Safari Look

One of summer’s hottest trends is the safari look – white button-down shirts, cargo shorts and pants, khaki everything. It's a very sporty, yet classic look that ups a woman's style quotient in an instant. So, how does this trend translate for the Bombshell?

A white button-down shirt exudes crisp, clean confidence, especially when paired with the casual khaki color palette. Choose cotton and look for darts or very subtle seaming along the bust line - you're going for tailored, not blousy. The intention is not to add bulk or detract from your fabulous curves.

One safari detail that adds undue bulk to a Bombshell figure is the cargo short. Now, I understand the need to have extra pockets all over a woman’s shorts if she is, in fact, on a safari. Handbags and underbrush don’t exactly compliment one another. Unless you're on a safari, dump the cargo shorts and replace them with sleek Bermuda shorts. Paired with heels (also not technically safari friendly), longer shorts look incredibly sleek and modern this summer.

One of the most fun ways to incorporate the essence of safari into your look is with jewelry made from very rustic, nature-inspired materials. Think wood, rope, and imperfect metals. Another safari inspired accessory to consider is the scarf – look for one of a subtle print of in a bold, primary color and tie it in your hair, around your neck or onto the handle of your purse. Instant chic!

The safari look is a classic that makes the trend lists every few years. Invest in a few utilitarian pieces in beige or green khaki and rest assured you’ll be able to wear them for years to come.

Product Details:
Avenue White Dotted Shirt, on sale for $24.99.
Old Navy women's Low Rise Bermudas in Banana Pudding, on sale for $20.
Old Navy necklace, $12.50.

Beauty Moment- Boots Purifying Body Souffle

I've been intrigued by the Boots product line at Target since Day One. Boots is the UK's equivalent of Wal-greens, and they feature a few terrific house brands of skin care, cosmetics and bath/body products. One of the best is the Purifying Body Souffle. This moisturizer is silky and creamy to the touch; I love that the scent is light and clean. The packaging is fantastic - a nice large tub for only $11.99. And according to the label, I'm improving my circulation, soothing and purifying my skin for a firmer tone. If nothing else, this cream feels good going on, is thoroughly moisturizing and smells great. That's good enough for me!

Product Details:
Boots Purifying Body Souffle, $11.99 at Target and CVS.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I believe that every Bombshell's style has been influenced in some part by a mother-figure in her life. My mom played a huge part in the development of my own personal style. As a child, I thought her to be so beautiful, so put together, and I knew I wanted to be that way too.

Every Saturday morning, I would play in her closet, pulling an elegant red jersey dress over my head, stepping into black patent leather heels and clutching a matching bag in my small hands. I twirled around in the clothes that Mom wore for nights out with my dad. For those few moments, I felt elegant and glamourous, just like her.

As I hit my teenage years (which seemed to start upon turning 11), establishing my own sense of style became a top priority. Mismatched outfits, crazy makeup and long hours in front of the mirror - my mom never let me know how embarrassed she must have constantly felt to be seen out in public with me. And in exchange, every so often, I would put on something tailored and pull my hair back in the way I knew she liked.

We're both older now, and my mom is still incredibly beautiful. She's embraced her naturally gray hair and wears it with incredible style; she has flawless skin and the softest gray/blue eyes. Her style is classic, comfortable, she looks put together without trying too hard. My style is a little different; more finely tuned since the mid nineties, but definitely my own. Though I still carry a torch for anything black patent leather!

I attribute my style to Mom because she gave me the confidence to find it. And in finding the beauty in myself, she's taught me to see the beauty in others. So, to all the beautiful Bombshell mothers...Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What to Wear- Weddings

It's astounding how expensive weddings are, and not just for the bride's family. The average guest will pay close to $300 for each wedding attended. Think about it: $100 for a gift off the registry, $100 for any combination of hotel room/drinks at the cash bar/parking, etc. And that last $100? Reserved for an outfit that will make you feel fabulous and ready for a good time, without drawing too much attention to yourself (and away from the bride). Not to mention the cost of the mental anguish that goes along with choosing that outfit: sundress or sleeves? Is black ok; is cream inappropriate? Will the shoes that match kill your feet on the dance floor?

Save yourself some time and money by purchasing one extremely versatile dress that can be accessorized differently for each wedding to come over the next few months. Think it can't be done? Think again! The key to finding the perfect transitional dress is two-fold: cut and color.

The cut should be perfectly flattering for your body type. If your dress fits you perfectly, you'll look and feel amazing right out of the gate; if you look and feel amazing (and accessorize really well), it won't matter if you see the same people at multiple weddings. They won't notice you're wearing the same dress; they'll just simply look back on the night and think you looked fantastic.

In general, avoid wearing black or white. Choose navy blue, chocolate brown or another darker neutral that suits your skin tone. A neutral color is key to maximize accessorizing capabilities. The two dresses shown below are actually not dresses - they're from the Mix and Match collection at David's Bridal. That's right - David's Bridal. No, you don't have to be in the wedding party to find a dress at the ubiquitous discount wedding shop - although you should be perfectly sure that your dress doesn't accidentally match the wedding party's!

The beauty of the Mix and Match collection is that you can choose a top and skirt that fit your body and your style. Once you've got your dress put together, the fun part begins- accessories!

Navy blue and black scream Bombshell (French Bombshell at that!). Add black heels and a short sleeved cardigan for an effortlessly glamorous look. Pull the cardigan closed with a sparkly broach and you've bumped your style quotient (and formal-factor) up a notch. Head in a different direction with black flats and a wide belt cinched in at the waist. See? So many options.

This chocolate brown dress is equally versatile - add a pop of white with wedges, a clutch and white beads. Or glam it up with metallic strappy sandals, clutch and jewelry. Get creative, be a little daring, channel your inner Bombshell - trust me, this is just her kind of thing. Trust your instincts and have fun!

You can shop off the rack at your local David's Bridal, or search online and call in an order. Your dress should arrive for pick up within 4 weeks. Visit for details.

Beauty Blitz

I went on a Beauty Blitz at my local Lancome counter and came away with a bag of makeup that I absolutely love. Have you been to Lancome lately? If so, let me know in the comments what your favorite products are and why.

Color Ideal Precise Match Skin Perfecting Makeup (SPF 15) – I have two “musts” when it comes to foundation. It must look and feel like my own skin. It must cover the redness in my cheeks. After finding my perfect color match, Michelle (Lancome makeup artist extraordinaire) began to apply the formula. It feels very wet going on, which means a little goes a long way, but melts right into the skin. Michelle explained that the foundation is heat activated to adjust to your particular skin type (oily, dry, combination). My skin looked amazing. Porcelain even. I feel completely confident in saying that Color Ideal lives up to its very long name.

Admittedly, after sending me into a beauty coma (in which I couldn't put down the hand mirror and stop staring at my face), Michelle could have sold me just about anything. Luckily, she didn't try to take advantage of my impaired state. Instead, she pulled out the three products that now make up my summer lips.

Le Lipstique Lip Coloring Stick with Brush in Sheer Adventure -a creamy, blendable lip pencil in a rosy neutral shade.
Color Design Lipstick in Stranded-a sheer rosy peach color with no after taste.

Juicy Tubes Tropiques in Bronzed Mocha -slick, not sticky, shimmery bronze color with a slight mocha taste.

For a fresh, pretty day look, stop after the pencil and lipstick. For a sultry, sparkly night look use all three.

Product Details:
Color Ideal Precise Match Skin Perfecting Makeup, $ 35
Le Lipstique Lip Coloring Stick with Brush in Sheer Adventure, $22.50
Color Design Lipstick in Stranded, $21
Juicy Tubes Tropiques in Bronzed Mocha, $17.50

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bombshell Work Out Clothes

Every Bombshell knows the physical and mental benefits of daily exercise, but there is one other benefit that should not be overlooked: a cute wardrobe of workout gear. I’m not an outdoorsy person; you’ll never find me camping or hiking. Maybe it’s because camping clothes just don’t inspire me. But I do love tennis, soccer, golf and ballet – in part because of the great outfits!

Danskin has a line of active wear that will inspire you to partake in an afternoon game or two. Whichever sports you like – yoga, rollerblading, basketball – you'll find something comfortable, flexible and stylish from Danskin.

Check out a few of my favorite pieces from the collection, and keep these thoughts in mind as you build your workout wardrobe:

* Bigger isn’t better in active wear. Forget the oversized t-shirts and sweatpants. The same style principles that apply to regular clothes apply to what you wear in the game – tops with shape and bottoms with flare (or bootcut, your choice).
*A supportive sports bra is essential. Your breasts should be contained and supported in order to minimize uncomfortable (and unsightly) jiggling, but there’s no need to smash and bind them.

*Two words: seamless panties.

Product Details: (from top)
All available at
Cotton Short Sleeve Leotard, $46
Cotton Stretch v-neck Shell, $21
Meditate on Cotton Crop Pant, $39.50
Plus Syplex Lycra Racerback Bra, $31.50

Bombshell Icon- Melisssa McCarthy

Think about some of the best Bombshell attributes: curvaceous, funny, smart, passionate, stylish…actress and comedienne Melissa McCarthy epitomizes each of them. Melissa is best known for her role as Sookie St. James on the CW’s (formerly the WB) Gilmore Girls, though she’s also appeared in a variety of big screen films. On the show, Sookie is quirky and spunky, with a fabulous career/husband/kids and her own very distinct style. Comparatively, Melissa too has a fabulous career and family, but her personal style is more streamlined and sophisticated. I love the fact that this Bombshell is lighting up Tinseltown!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Beauty Moment

The fine folks at Dove recently sent me a bottle of their new Cream Oil Body Wash for review. The Cream Oil line's premise is to provide three levels of moisturization, based on your skin's need for enhancement: Delicate, Creamy, and Ultra Rich.
Delicate is for skin that's thirsty but not parched, and features a jasmine/vanilla scent. Ultra Rich will soothe and hydrate extremely dry skin and is scented with rosewood/cocoa butter. Creamy, which I sampled, is for skin that falls smack in between Delicate and Ultra Rich.
Upon opening the bottle, I immediatly judged the cherry blossom/almond scent as too sweet for my taste. However, once it had been applied to my skin and then rinsed off, the scent that remained was light and clean with just a hint of sweetness. Very wearable.

There's nothing oily about Cream Oil Body Wash; I noticed a slickness of the product as I rubbed it into my skin but it was definitely not an oily feel. The wash created really thick, dense bubbles and left my skin noticeably hydrated post-shower. Overall, my skin felt plump and smooth - I would definitely reach for Dove's Cream Oil Body Wash again.

Have you tried any of this line's products? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Product Details:

Dove Cream Oil Body Wash, available in Delicate, Creamy and Ultra Rich, $7.25 at local drugstores.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Bombshell Bargain

There really is something to be said for looking fantastic without emptying your wallet. I like to splurge on quality clothes as much as the next Bombshell, but sometimes it's not about quality. It's about racing out to Target when your closet is empty and you need a pick-me-up in the form of fashion.

This dress is Bombshell bargain shopping at it's best - cheap, stylish, and easy to wear. The magenta trim around the waist and neckline provides definition to your shape, while the subtle brown and magenta pattern across the rest of the dress is modern and flattering. There's nothing like a little pattern to smooth out any bumps on your fabulous figure.

Is this dress timeless and made to last? No. But at $24.99, I'll be able to replace it next month without feeling guilty. Some might call it decadent; I've never thought decadence to be a bad thing.

Product Details:
Brown and Magenta surplice dress, $24.99 in stores and online at

Friday, May 4, 2007

Beauty Blitz

Did you know the mascara wand was invented by the same man who gifted us with the toilet brush? Think about it…are you seeing the resemblance? And while every beauty brand has at least 47 different formulas, the brushes are all the same concept. Ok, I will give credit to Rimmel for their comb as a wand concept, and to Cover Girl for starting the pliant plastic wand concept – but neither of them work very well.

Those smarties over at Max Factor, industry veteran and drugstore favorite, have decided to reinvent the brush. They’ve created a wand that is scientifically constructed to coat evenly and then grab the root of the lash to coat evenly. This new wunderkind is called Volume Couture Lash mascara. Whatever the science is, however they do it, I don’t care. I just want it. I want it in Rich Black. You might want it in Soft Black. Or Black Brown. Or maybe Auburn. And you can have it, for $6.99 in stores and online,

Another drugstore favorite, Olay, has really put their thinking caps on to come up with the Olay Regenerist Eye Derma-pods. Plunk down $26.99 and bring home a box of 24 pods (8 weeks’ worth, use once every 3 days). Gently squeeze the pod to release the moisturizer and then dab around the eye area for about a minute. The pods resurface, reduce puffiness by releasing lipids that build up around the eyes, and fill in lines and wrinkles. You’ll be amazed; I know I was!

One last drugstore tip – pick up a tub of Vaseline to replace your usual lip plumping lipstick, gloss or whatever. Yep, Vaseline. See, lips are not actually skin – they’re membrane. So they need to be treated differently than the rest of your face. Lips will plump through increased circulation and moisturization. Make this a new nightly ritual – using a warm wet washcloth, gently apply Vaseline to your lips in a circular motion. Then, slather a thick coating of the Vaseline on them before hopping into bed. For less than $5, you’ve got to try this.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Trend Translation

The golden era of disco, also known as the 70's, is back on the radar of fashion designers, stylists, and followers this spring. Both Prada and Madonna (via H & M) tried to convince us that wearing a turban is cool again. Mischa Barton and Katie Holmes are doing their darndest to convince us that high-waisted jeans are totally wearable. Now, I like to be current and fashionable as much as the next Bombshell, but part of being a Bombshell is being true to your personal style. Turbans and jeans up to my bra are not part of my personal style.

So the question became, "How to translate the 70's trend into my wardrobe?" I settled into my couch to contemplate this question, cracked open a Diet Coke and began flipping through the channels on TV. Something sparkly on QVC caught my eye. I've never actually purchased anything on QVC, but I will admit to being sucked into their makeup and beauty programs once in a while.

The sparkly goodness that made me stop on Channel 9 was the Truman bracelet, part of the Jacqueline Kennedy Reproduction Collection. And it hit me: What's more 70's glam than affordable reproductions of jewelry sported by Jackie? That's the trifecta of fashion: trendy yet timeless and affordable. Love it.

I also love the Simulated 3-strand Pearl necklace. Reminiscent of Chanel's original take on costume jewelry, you will be surprised at how versatile this piece is.

Yes, I prefer the real thing when it comes to jewelry, but every Bombshell knows to take a little help when it's offered in the form of great design and quality. Just goes to show that fabulousness can pop up in the most unexpected places. And by unexpected, I mean QVC.
Product Details:
To view the entire Jacqueline Kennedy Reproduction Collection and for current pricing, log onto

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bombshell Inspiration

Today's inspiration comes from Torrid, a retailer who specializes in edgy, youthful fashions. The key to shopping at Torrid for anyone who's not currently roaming the halls of your local high school is to avoid hoodies, anything with a screen-printed cartoon or jewelry in the shape of an ice cream cone.

This outfit is perfect for kicking back with friends on the weekend. The t-shirt is structured and fitted, with a very light polka dot pattern. Paired with the navy pinstripe pants, this is a somewhat daring, very wearable ensemble.

Don't be put off by the idea of wearing two different prints; contrasting prints is actually very flattering on the bombshell figure. Too much of one print can become overwhelming on curves. Breaking up the print gives the eye a rest and allows you to place attention precisely on your best figure points. These two prints work together because they are both fairly subtle and are in the same color (white).
The white necklace and shoes reinforce the white details on the shirt and pants; I would probably opt for red or nude heels, but that's my own personal bias against white footwear.

Check out your closet and see if you can create any outfits using prints. Your wardrobe might just grow a little once you open yourself up to this contrasting possibilty.

Product Details:
All clothes available in store and online at
Red and White Dot Empire Waist V-neck top, $30.
Navy Pinstripe Crop pant, $38.
White Heart Necklace, on sale $9

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Style Icon- Billie Holiday

Renowned jazz singer Billie Holiday exemplified Bombshell style throughout her lifetime, most especially throughout the 1930’s and 40’s. Like many style icons of her day, Billie’s look focused on lush fabrics that draped her curvy body to perfection, as well as dramatically arched brows and a matte red lip. Billie, never one to fade into the background, took her style quotient to the next level by adopting a signature – the gardenia in her hair. The gardenia added allure and announced to the world, "I am here and you are going to take notice!"

Take a cue from Billie and adopt the equivalent of her gardenia. Your signature might be a color, a hair style, a scarf. Announce to the world your presence and revel in your own confidence. As Billie sang, "God bless the child that's got his own."

Bombshell Inspiration

Bombshell Beauty is introducing a new segment called “Bombshell Inspiration.” It’s simple – an outfit will be put together and posted with the intention of inspiring you to create something similar out of your own wardrobe. Let’s kick it off with this little number, compliments of Spiegel. I’m loving what Spiegel’s spring/summer collection has to offer – light and airy pieces that feature easily elegant details.

Typically, I would tell any Bombshell to avoid anything that could be classified as an appliqué, but this Floral Applique shirt is actually a really fun twist on an everyday white t-shirt. The appliqué is very subtle and fresh, especially when paired with the Signature Washed Linen Bias-cut skirt. What’s special about the linen skirt is the little trumpet flare at the bottom. That detail instantly ramps up the style quotient on what is otherwise a pretty basic khaki skirt.

Now for the fun part – color! This outfit definitely needs a few pops of color in order to keep it from wandering away from chic and into bland. Because white and khaki are so muted, go for something bright like this necklace and these bracelets.

So cute and versatile – wear your variation on this outfit to work, to a graduation party or a backyard BBQ.

Product Details:

All clothes available online at, all photos from
Floral Applique shirt, available in white or carnation. $39
Signature Washed Linen Bias-cut skirt, $44.
Chunky Necklace, $25.Exotic Bangles, sale price $12 for set of six.