Thursday, March 29, 2007

Squeaky Clean

There are few things that I love more than beauty products, unless it's beauty products created by a company that truly believes in the beauty of each woman they serve. That's why I'm a loyal fan of Bobbi Brown. Her philosophy embraces the concept of beauty at all ages, all sizes, all skin tones and lifestyles. She's built an empire on empowering women to look their best at their true age. Talk about embracing the inner Bombshell!
Washing my face has always been a chore. It's a simple enough task, I know, but for some reason I am always tempted to just skip it. I should say, I was tempted - until I started using the Lathering Tube Soap from Bobbi's skincare line. A coconut extract derivative cuts through makeup and daily air pollutants. Apricot oil hydrates your skin so you’re not left with a tight feeling post-cleansing.
After mixing a pea-sized amount of the soap with warm water, you’ll be amazed at the thick, luscious lather that builds between your hands. The scent is a very light lavender – calming and soothing. When combined with the softening, toning effects of the Soothing Face Tonic, which features cucumber extract and lavender, you’ll feel like you’ve had a mini facial at a luxurious spa every time you wash your face. As much as I love to put makeup on, these two products have made me come to look as forward to taking it all off.
Lathering Tube Soap, 4.2 fl. oz $22, Soothing Face Tonic, 6.7 fl. oz $22. Available at, select department stores such as Bloomingdales, Nieman Marcus and Macy’s.

Spotlight on: Torrid

I really wish Torrid had existed during my high school years. Being able to dress like a regular teenager, instead of wearing the fashionably questionable staples sold at Lane Bryant during the early 90's, would have seriously helped my self-esteem. But, it's here now and I'm doing my best to make up for lost time.

No, I am not attempting to recreate my youth by dressing like a 15-year old. The beauty of Torrid is that you can incorporate a couple pieces into your wardrobe for a fresh, youthful touch that doesn't scream, "I stole this from my niece!"

Take this top, for example. Very cute. Nice and springy. Stick it under a gray suit and you're ready for work. Pair it with wide-legged khakis, some espadrilles and a woven bag - you're headed to a backyard BBQ.
White and blue ditzy print v-neck voile top available online at, or see stores for details.

Bombshells Unite

Long before fashion was all about resembling a toothpick, long before women aspired to be a size 0, the Bombshell reigned as queen of designer fashions. Think Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Betty Grable. They wore their curves proudly and brought appreciation for the curvacious bombshell front and center.

Fashion changed, times changed, and attitudes toward curvy women changed. I grew up, a bombshell in the making, inundated with images of skinny, skinny, and skinnier women slinking down the runways and frowning up at me from the pages of fashion magazines. As a 12 year old, I was stuck shopping in the "women's world" of my local department store. Sad, right?

Now in my twenties- and thanks to beauty brands like Dove who embrace the concept of real beauty and designers like I.N.C. and Lane Bryant who recognize that curvy women want to look hot, too - I'm back. We're all back! Every woman of every size and shape is now getting what she deserves in fashion - choices!

This site is dedicated to all the great clothes that are out there for the bombshell women of the world. I'll do the digging for you - finding the best new looks, featuring those stores and lines who love curves as much as we do. I'll also share with you my favorite beauty finds, for highlighting and inspiring the bombshell within.