Thursday, December 6, 2007

Great Crewneck Sweaters

The crewneck sweater is one of the most classic of pieces and looks great on most Bombshells. Incredibly versatile, the crewneck adds polish and Ivy-league sportiness to everything from casual jeans to a slim pencil skirt. The high neckline draws attention up to the face and begs to be layered over crisp cotton button-downs.

Those of you blessed with very large busts may prefer a v-neck to create some length throughout your chest and torso, but shouldn't be afraid to give the crewneck a try - just be sure to avoid cableknit and other patterns that could stretch and distort over your breasts.

Look for crewnecks that fit well throughout the shoulders; make sure the armholes don't sag or pull throughout your armpit and that the shoulder seams are smooth. Because a crewneck covers more surface area than other necklines, avoid builky sweaters. Go for thinner, slim-fitting versions for maximum, elongating flattery. Finally, make sure the sweater stops at your hips - any longer and you'll look swathed in fabric.

The Mossimo Ultra-Soft Crewneck from Target lives up to it's name, feeling downy soft to the touch. Available in a variety of colors, including Cranberry Juice (below), it's priced at a mere $14.99. The fabric pills after several washings so be sure to toss it in on the gentle cycle.
Use a crewneck line as the foundation for a monochromatic twin set - the contrast between a high crewneck and a plunging cardigan creates visual interest within a single color. This is a great way to look long and lean, especially when paired with boot-cut pants and a heel. I love this fresh lilac twin set below from Talbots.

Simple details can add some ooomph to the basic crewneck shape, like the Henley buttons on this sweater from Lane Bryant. Added bonus - you can re-style the sweater by leaving a couple of the buttons open and layering it over a pretty tank.

Photos courtesy of Target, Talbots and Lane Bryant.

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