Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beauty Blitz

I keep telling myself, "If I can just make it to the new year, I'll _______________ (insert whatever I've been slacking on in favor of making merry i.e. updating Bombshell Beauty). In light of the non-stop running around that's been my life for the past month, I've come to rely on a selection of beauty products that keep me looking presentable and upright.

Booth's Mineral Bath Soak in Lavender is a god-send, morning and night. The scent is light, uplifting and instantly calming. The formula is thick and whips up a nice frenzy of bubbles that moisturize your skin. And how cute is the apothecary-style bottle? Super cute. It's available at many drugstores, including Wal-Greens, for a steal of a price - $5.99. Which means you don't have to feel guilty about pouring in more than the suggested one capful.
I usually straighten my wavy hair in the wintertime - it's easier to coax into ringlets during the humid summer months. But my signature "party hair" look is curly and wavy, restrained only by a glittery bobby pin. I rely on my man Nick Arrojo to replicate mid-summer curls in dry winter weather. A pea-size amount of Arrojo Defrizz Serum ($15, the bottle will last a lifetime) and a quarter-size dollop of Arrojo Curl Creme ($17), mixed in the palm of my hand and then manically rubbed all over my head does the trick. Dry with a diffuser, curl a few random strands and I'm set. Have I mentioned how much I love Arrojo products? This line does not disappoint. Shop online or at Space N.K.

In the name of full disclosure, I am a mark. representative - but I'm a beauty junkie first. I wouldn't be involved with mark if I didn't love their products. My purse would have been bursting at the seams, whatwith the need for frequent gloss checks and going from day to evening makeup, if not for my mark Hookups. Gloss on one end, mascara on the other; or eye shadow on one end, eye liner on the other - one skinny tube to toss in my bag? The combinations are endless and the results are all fabulous.

And finally - nails. I haven't had a proper manicure in ages, so I rely on pinky-nude shades to keep my nails looking shiny and polished, while minimizing the signs of wear and tear. Minor scuffs and chips don't show with this pale pink polish from Essie. It's called Beach Party and is available at Ulta and most salons.

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  1. I'm not familiar with Nick Arrojo - thanks for the tip. I've been devoted to FrizzEase for some time but have been planning to break up with it for a while now. Not sure where I can get Arrojo products in time for Christmas (Ulta?) but I'll scope it out. Thanks for the tip!


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