Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What to Wear- Thanksgiving Dinner

What is Thanksgiving?
  • A time to give thanks for all the blessings in your life

  • A time to eat, drink and be merry

  • The official kick-off to December holidays

What are the essential components of Thanksgiving?

  • Family and friends and Santa Claus rolling into Herald Square at the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (ok, that's one of my essentials)

  • Delicious food, festive drinks (alcohol optional, unless you're part of my family) and great music (preferably holiday-related)
  • A festive outfit

I do not believe in showing up to Thanksgiving in jeans and some sweater that you found in your closet.. Taking some time with your appearance on Thanksgiving - a holiday that can be either a big love fest of food and family or your own personal nightmare of food and family - will make you feel more festive, which in turn ups the chances that you will enjoy yourself.

Whether you go buy a new outfit or pull on your favorite ___________ (insert article of clothing here), kick off the holidays right. They'll only be as merry as you make them!

A nice, roomy tunic looks polished and fun - best of all, it won't pull or cling so you'll feel comfortable taking that second serving of stuffing.

A dramatic necklace will put all eyes on you (as they should be!), while jazzing up a basic button down shirt.When visiting someone's home in Minnesota, it's common for everyone to remove their shoes (don't want to track in all that snow). So it's important to remember that you might be called upon to be barefoot during the holidays - these socks are warm and cozy, and funny.

All photos courtesy of LaneBryant.com.

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