Monday, November 19, 2007

Trend Translation- Bows

A look ahead to upcoming spring trends includes all things girly - we're talking about bows, fluff and floral prints. Fluff can be hard to wear, floral prints - well, we'll see. But bows - now that's a trend I can get behind, especially during the holiday season. I love the idea of using a bow in two ways:
  1. To highlight one of your fabulous features.
  2. To create the idea of you as gift. Because anyone would be lucky to unwrap you!
This silver charmeuse squareneck top from Alloy demonstrates both concepts perfectly. The removable belt, fashioned into a bow, cinches in the waist while jauntily begging to be untied. And the gunmetal color is a nice alternative to the ubiquitous red and black that you'll be seeing on the holiday circuit this season. Pair it with simple black pants or dark jeans for a sleek, easy look out and about. On the flipside of bows well-done is this dress from Torrid. The retailer has a lot of really cute dresses available right now, but this is not one of them. The bow is too large, oddly placed, and downright distracting. In fact, it's made the model seem disproportioned and wider than she actually is. Beware this type of treatment. You can do much better.
If bows just aren't really your thing, or you're afraid of wearing them on your clothes, then look for alternate places to stick a bow. Like on your shoes. This pair from Payless is classic, yet kicky in red. Slip your feet in and I promise you'll feel dainty and special.
And do not even tell me that red shoes are impractical. Don't. Even.

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