Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bombshell Inspiration

I'm working from home this morning and have been watching episodes from season 3 of Gilmore Girls. You either love or hate the show, but there's really no line when it comes to the fantastic clothes worn by the cast. The show's stylist is a genius because each character's clothes tell you in an instant who they are and what they're about.

At the moment, I'm really feeling the pre-collegiate wardrobe that Rory Gilmore is wearing; there's just something fabulously nostalgic about jeans, cuddly sweaters, simple hair and makeup. I know, I know - I'm coveting the clothes of a 17-year old waif, but there's a way to take the inspiration and translate it into clothes appropriate for a 27 year old Bombshell.

Corduroys are a collegiate staple. I love this pair from Lane Bryant; they come in three lengths and colors. Plus, a Bombshell plus, the cords are not overly bulky. Michael Kors has crafted a beautifully relaxed pair of classic, faded jeans in sizes 14-24. This pair fits like a dream - perfect for running around in after school.

The color of this yoked sweater is young, but the detailing is all grown up.

Pumas. Classic. Cool. Wearable till you're 70. If you don't own a pair of Pumas...well, you should. Ahhh, Clinique. It was the first "major" brand of makeup that I started using in high school. And yet, it lasts the test of time (and wrinkles, age spots...). The Naturally Holiday collection is perfect for creating that fresh-faced look: jet black mascara, Almost Lipstick and berry-tinted blush.

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