Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What to Wear- Football Game

Whether you're a student, alumni, or cheering on a special player, chances are you might be going to a football game this fall. Typical game-time fashion includes an oversized sweatshirt with the team's name and logo right across the chest/stomach, jeans and tennis shoes - and if you're cheering during cold weather add a hat, gloves, windbreaker...layer upon layer of less-than Bombshell clothes!

You can show your team spirit without sacrificing (or succumbing) to unflattering style. Instead of the oversized sweatshirt, pick a short sleeved tee with your team's name splashed across the chest. Layer it over a tee shirt in a complimentary color. Choose a good pair of jeans and cute tennis shoes to complete the look.

If it's extra cold out, forgo the huge windbreaker for a fitted zip-up fleece or hoodie, or build your outfit upon a cozy layer of long underwear. Whatever you choose, keep fit in mind.

White long sleeved tee plus:

Huskers tee shirt plus:

Easy-fit jeans in a dressier dark shade plus:

Classic, can't-go-wrong Pumas (color-coordinated, without crossing over into obnoxious territory) equals Go Huskers!


  1. I'm going to a Eagles game date tonight with my husband. I want to look sexy and blow him away. What should I wear? I have a Eagles Jersey is this okay in summer.

  2. I vote for your Eagles jersey and a denim mini skirt!


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