Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tunics Done Right

"Tunics" and "Flattering" are not two words that always go together. We've all seen our fair share of shapeless, clingy tunics that create the exact opposite of a Bombshell silhouette. When done right, though, a tunic can be incredibly polished, easy, and fun. Because tunics are typically cut a little fuller than other tops, remember to pair them with slim fitting pants, like straight-leg jeans or trousers.

This tunic from Sweet Pea is superb in so many ways. First, the print is interesting without overwhelming the figure. And speaking of figure- the black mesh trim opens up the neck, cinches in the waist and creates and will make you look long and tall.

What makes clothes fun and shows off your own style is in the details. This flowey black tunic, with great movement, a ruched square neckline and cute (without being cutesy) ties at the arms makes a very subtle Bombshell impact.

Whatever style and color you choose, just make sure that there's something special about your tunic- be it subtle detailing or a great print. Ensure that the fit is flattering- no pulling or tugging or suctioning to your curves.

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