Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Party Dress for Party Girls

I. Love. This. Dress.

Monif C has gone out and created a dress that begs for a fabulous gathering of friends, a martini in one hand and some great music - a party! Red is the ultimate "look at me, cause I deserve it" color - and Bombshell, you do deserve it. The flouncy skirt wants to swish around your knees as your twirl around a dancefloor (or someone's living room), the black beaded belt creates a figure-flattering definition of the waist, and the drapey neckline draws the eye up to your beautiful face. (Sigh) This is true love.

I'm also in love with these fabulous party shoes, also available at Monif C's web site (up to size 13). Metallic shoes are an updated neutral - you can wear them with absolutely anything. I'd pair them with a black skirt or tuxedo pants for a splash of glam on a night out.

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