Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lane Bryant's New Fit System

A Bombshell friend named Ann recently called me, annoyed and slightly desperate, because she'd just tried to buy a new pair of jeans from Lane Bryant. LB has long pioneered the creation of cute, well-fitting jeans in sizes 14+. Now the retailer has introduced a new system for every woman to find the perfect jeans for her body - Right Fit. That's right- something new for Bombshells to embrace in the pursuit for fab jeans. Hence, the desperation.

Ann walked into her local Lane Bryant and headed toward the jean wall. Before getting there, she was approached by a sales associate wielding a tape measure. The associate explained that the sizing had changed on the jeans -14, 16, 22, etc had been changed over to sized 1-10. Vanity sizing. How obnoxious. And confusing. The associate explained that by measuring Ann's waist and hips, she could determine the amount of curve her jeans should have, and figure out the sizing.

Ann succumbed to the measurement and then tried on 5 different pairs of jeans, none of which fit as well as the jeans she walked in with - the pair she simply wanted to replace. She called me from the fitting room. "I just want a pair of jeans. What should I do???" I told her to grab a pair of pants to walk around the store in. Take her own jeans out of the dressing room. Grab a couple pairs of jeans from the wall and hold them up to her own. Forget the curve to hip ratio and find a pair that matches what she walked in wearing.

I love the fact that Lane Bryant wants to make buying jeans easier and the fit more flattering for Bombshells. I think vanity sizing is stupid - I'm not a size 5, I'm a size 22. And I'm fine with that. And I don't enjoy being measured by strangers. Aside from that, I'm all for innovation. Especially if it makes my butt look great. So be aware- your first trip in to buy jeans at Lane Bryant in the new Right Fit era may be annoying. Go in with plenty of time to be measured and try on, and you'll probably walk out with a great pair of jeans.


  1. See, I walked in knowing about the new pants and wanting to try them on. I was warned that the sizing tool on the website is wrong, and the measuring tapes aren't much better, but if I was willing to try stuff on, I'd find that the right ones fit awesomely. "Oh, and ignore the numbers; they're just numbers." They are. It's not like the existing 14+ means anything either. Oh, for men's sizing...except men's pants don't include hips...

  2. I'm a size 16 and proud of it. I don't need anyone monkeying with the numbers to make me feel better about myself. I ALREADY feel good about myself. Why don't they undersand that?


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