Friday, October 19, 2007


Comfort means something different to everyone. It can be a steaming cup of hot chocolate or a lowball of whiskey. It can be an old blanket, worn through with love and use, or a brand new chenille throw. Today, think about what comforts you and surround yourself with those things that make you feel warm and safe. Here's what's comforting me these days:I love slipping on a soft tee shirt after work and on the weekends, especially when it's as easy and cute as this one, the Floral and Ditsy print tee from Lane Bryant.
Available in a variety of colors. Nothing soothes my rough, chapped hands like Caswell Massey's Almond and Aloe Hand Cream with Silk. The formula is rich without hindering absorbency, and the light scent of almond is instantly refreshing.

When I was sick recently, my friend Mindy gave me a fabulous gift - a cozy red chenille blanket. I've cuddled up in it endlessly since. True friends know that I am crazy about one thing - Christmas. I'm that girl who gets excited at the first sign of Christmas in stores, who cries over every holiday-themed TV movie of the season, and who plans gift-giving for months in advance. I've got no shame- it's all part of my Bombshell personality. It might be different, but I don't care. It's me. And I'm taking comfort in downloading my favorite Christmas music off iTunes. My latest download? Dean Martin's A Marshmallow World.

Photos courtesy of Lane Bryant, Caswell Massey, Target and Amazon.

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