Monday, September 10, 2007

Layering, Minus the Bulk

Lots of women, of all sizes and ages, mistakenly believe in the idea of hiding behind layers of clothes. They think that the more clothes they wear, the less anyone will notice them or the shape of their body. We Bombshells, we know they're wrong on so many levels. First of all- why would you want to hide behind an oversized sweatshirt, tee shirt or my personal un-favorite: the sweatshirt tied around the waist of a tee shirt.

There is a way to layer that will ensure maximum silhouette with the comfort and coziness of wearing more than one piece of clothing. The most important thing to remember when layering is proportion. Pair blousey shirts with fitted cardigans and pants. Slip on billowy pants with a fitted tee and cropped jacket. Avoid putting on lots of clothes that are all of the same shape. If you're wearing a button down shirt, choose one that's hip-length and pair it with a sweater that is waist-length.

Another thing to keep in mind while layering is where you want to draw attention - if you have a gorgeous bosom, wear a v-neck tunic with a cardigan that cuts off right under your chest. If you have a curvy waist, wear a voluminous skirt with a slim-fitting t-shirt and a long scarf. Draw the eye down, be mindful of your proportions and you can layer without worries of looking like one of those other women.

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