Thursday, September 13, 2007

At Last- Arrojo!

Last week, I promised to tell you all about my new hair products from Arrojo Product. For anyone who does not watch TLC’s What Not to Wear, Nick Arrojo is the hair stylist who works magic on women in need of a change – to their lives, to their look, to their hair. I absolutely adore Nick. He’s tough when he has to be, he’s sweet and funny, and always asks for a hug afterward. Oh, and he makes these women look amazing! So, I was incredibly excited to get my hands on his new line of products.

I bought the Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, the Defrizz Serum, and the Holding Spray. His range of products is minimal- nothing fancy, you won’t have to comb through product description after description trying to figure out the difference between each formula. I also received, free with my $50 purchase, an Arrojo nylon and boar bristle hair brush.

The shampoo and conditioner smell great – vaguely of berry pie – and the formula is very concentrated. This is good news because it means my bottles will go a long way! In order to build up a lather, make sure you have just a little shampoo and a good amount of water in your hair. For the conditioner, resist the temptation to squirt out a huge blob and trust that a small amount will coat your hair.

Post cleanse and condition, I applied a small amount of the Defrizz Serum to the ends of my hair and began working it up toward my roots. The serum is very liquidy, so be careful not to end up with a handful. It left a slick film on my hands, but nothing a quick rub with a towel wouldn’t cure. Once in my hair, it felt weightless and smooth. I blew my hair dry and was SO in love with the bounce, the shine, the overall healthy look and feel of my hair. It usually takes a professional with an uber-watt dryer and a firm grip on a round brush to achieve those results. I spritzed lightly with the Holding Spray and was good to go. My hair even looked good on day 2 and (gasp!) day 3. Oh, and the complimentary brush? Feels like heaven on my scalp. Love it. Refuse to put it down, except to come to work and be a normal citizen of the world. Once I’m home, though, you couldn’t pry it away from me.

Get yours online at The free brush offer is good through October 1st.

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