Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spotlight on- Curvation

Queen Latifah has long been one of the most faulous Bombshells in Hollywood. From her early days as an urban rapper, to her more recent incarnation as a Cover Girl model Latifah has always flaunted her curves. Which is one reason she was a natural muse for Bombshell clothing label Curvation. Curvation started out as a lingerie line; it's recently expanded to include outer wear in sizes 12-22. Very cute outerwear, inspired by the chic-street sensibilities of Queen Latifah. These clothes combine attitude and elegance perfectly.

Hands down, my favorite is this look. I love the hip-hugging, jaquard-print skirt in white. It's a beautiful basic with some ooomph.
The drape and flow of the striped tie sweater is fun and flattering. For the Bombshell who wants to be noticed...and then some! This gold swimsuit brings high fashion to the pool.

Log on to to shop the line and to find a retailer near you.

All photos courtesy of Curvation.

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  1. I can appreciate your blog, but why are only overweight women or plus sized ones called curvy when a lot of them are ruler shaped? or said to have "curves" as if other women (or humans in general) dont? why, if no one had curves we'd all look like boxes. I am slightly curvy; I'm a 34a and 115 pounds. I don't need to gain a bunch of weight to pretend that makes my waist defined more (which is what does make you curvy).

    it just bothers me that sometimes people misuse the words, is all. but I like that your blog is fairly modest and doesn't do nothing but obsessed over overweight celebrities and pin-up girls (none of whom were even plus size, so that kinda confuses me when people act like they are), and insult skinny girls. So many self-proclaimed "curvy" women (typically chubby, fat, of obese ones they mean) do that and it's nto only frustrating but cruel when they act superior.


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