Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Beauty Moment- Shampoo Cocktail

While showering recently, I was stumped on trying to decide which of my three (hey a Bombshell's gotta have options!) shampoos to use. DevaCurl Low-poo shampoo for wearing my hair curly; Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil ultra moisturizing miracle shampoo for tired/fried hair; or John Frieda Brilliant Red goodness to maintain my custom color and highlights. I wanted to pump up the color, but my hair was dying for some moisture. Figuring that I couldn't do any lasting damage, I squirted a bit of both in the palm of my hand and began sudsing away.

The combined scent hit me right away- it was fantastic! And my hair was incredibly soft - softer than ever! Lesson learned: two fabulous shampoos combined equal one doubly fabulous shampoo.

Don't be afraid to take a beauty risk every once in a while. * Try that orange lipstick or the turqoise eye liner. See where else you can use your under-eye cream - around the lips? On your cuticles? Why not? Whip up a few of your own fabulous cocktails and share them in the comments.

*Obviously avoid mixing anything ultra potent or that comes with a prescription.

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