Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trend Translation - The Carryall Bag

As Bombshells spend more and more time running around each day - from work to pilates to pick up the kids at soccer and then home for a BBQ in the backyard - our purses have evolved from simple handbags that store wallet, keys and lipstick to huge carryalls that tote around all the essentials: mini makeup bag, umbrella, sweater, cell phone, laptop and more. But which style of these mammoth purses is right for you? Which size will carry what you need while complimenting your figure?

If you are tall, your bag should follow the length of your body in order to keep your body's proportions elongated. Avoid bags that are dainty or too small - this size will cause you to appear disproportianately large. Because of your height, you can get away with carrying a bag that is wider than most without overwhelming your frame.

For Bombshells who are petite, find a bag that fits snugly within the curve of your underarm to upper waist. To avoid turning your petite height into a liability, steer clear of bags that are too large; they will make you appear unbalanced. If you choose a strap, make sure that it doesn't hit any lower than the upper hip - any longer and you'll look like a kid carrying her mom's purse.

For those of you who are average height, keep proportion in mind but be willing to experiment. Because you fall within the middle of height extremes, your torso could be longer than your legs, in which case follow the tips for a taller woman. If your legs are longer than your torso, follow the tips for a shorter woman. The rules for you are less hard and fast, so trial and error will be the name of the game in finding the right bag.

When it comes to color, I say make a statement with one of the new neutrals: dark plum, forest green or cobalt blue. Any one of these colors will work will both black and brown clothes, and will step up your style quotient.
Product Details: (from top)
Marc Jacobs Dr. Q tote, $398; Helen Walsh Large Croco Square Shopping Bag, $298; Hobo International Bo Strap Hobo Bag, $348; Kate Landry Crinkle Patent East-West Satchel, $79.50.

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