Thursday, July 26, 2007

On the Racks

When you hit the stores this week, you'll find a few more fall looks on the racks, while more and more summer tops, tanks and shorts head for the clearance section.

Once the temperatures cool off, I'll be slipping on a great pair of jeans, button down and sweater - like this outfit from Lane Bryant. It's classic and tailored, with lots of room for putting your own, unique stamp on the look. Mix it up with your favorite colors and patterns, add some statement jewelry and contrasting shoes. Whatever you do with this combo, you'll look polished and current.

Another fall staple that is already cropping up in stores is the knee high boot. I bought a cute pair late last year that have been languishing in my closet, just waiting for me to pull them out and pair them up with a graphic dress (like this one from Avenue). It's the perfect look for cocktails with the girls or dancing downtown.

And finally, after months of cozying up to the air conditioner I'm ready to cozy up in a cute cardigan. This one by Michael Kors (part of his new-ish Bombshell line, available in sizes 14-24) is great because the swing cut is incredibly fresh. The ribbing and three large buttons add some definition and luxe detail to this updated snuggley sweater.
Product Details:
Top- Lane Bryant sweater, jeans and button down. Photo courtesy of
Middle - Avenue dress and boots. Photo courtesy of
Bottom- Michael Kors swing cardigan. Photo courtesy of


  1. Sara, the mention of fall styles makes me cringe a bit because it reminds me that I'm going to have to look for... winter dress slacks. (Is that ominous music in the background?) Many bombshell beauties are tall and leggy, but those of us on the wrong side of 5'4" have a lot of trouble finding pants that fit. Hemming is just not an option if the rise is too short. I have found basic-but-not-terribly-thrilling slacks at Lands' End and L.L. Bean. Unfortunately, most of the petite slacks at Lane Bryant are just too long, for me, anyway. I would appreciate tips from other petite bombshells.

    I'd like to add sincere thanks for your blog. Being an engineer, I'm part of a group not (ahem!) known for it's fashion sense, and being of the bombshell persuasion hasn't helped spur me to greater sartorial heights. Your comments and observations are *much* appreciated!

  2. Chris-
    I really appreciate you support of my blog! I, too, kind of cringe at the thought of finding winter pants that don't turn my curves into a liability. But I know they're out there...

    I'm currently working on a special article devoted to petite Bombshells, so look for that within the next week. I'll be sure to include pants, too! Any other topics you'd like to see, let me know. Thanks!


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