Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fall Preview

The only way to stay sane (for me, anyway) while sweating it out through July and August is to look ahead, yearningly, for Fall fashion. And there's a lot to look forward to! Here are a few trends that you'll see cropping up this September, as interpreted by Old Navy.

Volume has been the most dominant silhouette on the runways for the past several seasons. Designers have been infatuated with shapeless dresses, trapeze and ultra A-line styles. I'm excited to see that the concept has finally been translated into a Bombshell style - strategically placed volume. This boatneck tee shirt is adorable, and the puffy sleeves are going to be on every fashion devotee in sight. Puffed sleeves go a long way toward balancing out hips that are larger than a woman's shoulders.
Another trend I'm thrilled to see fall by the wayside is the low rise jean. This Bombshell has had a hard time finding jeans that don't result in a muffin top (that round band of skin that pokes up over the waist band of too-low jeans). I can't wait to slip on this pair of Classic Cut jeans; I especially like the trouser-type treatment Old Navy has chosen for this pair.

And finally, jewel tone colors will be a big hit once again this Fall. Think burgundy and wines, emerald green, sapphire blue - these colors are the epitome of lush glamour. A touch here and there, in a purse or shoe, is a great way to wear this trend. I especially like this camisole - it has delicate, feminine accents around the neckline. This is a piece that could be worn now and later, layered under a suit or a cushy velvet blazer.

The key to following trends this Fall will be to choose only those that are truly flattering to your body and appealing to you sense of style. Trends come and go, but style is timeless.
Product Details:
Ruched boatneck tee, $26.50; Classic cut jeans, up to size 30, $32.50; crochet top camisole, $24.99. All available online at

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