Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Bra Solutions

Visible bra straps are everywhere this summer, and one can't help but wonder if the women sporting them simply don't know any better or if they are under the mistaken impression that this misuse of undergarment is acceptable.

I don't mind saying it: Visible bra straps are vulgar and decidedly un-Bombshell. The whole point of undergarments is to support what's under one's clothes. Your overall look should draw appreciative stares; not your bra brazenly peeking out from under a tank top. To ensure you're not a neighborhood offender, assess your summer shirt collection and add bra styles as needed.

  • Racerback - the racerback bra fits perfectly beneath a racerback style tank. The straps are closer together and fuse with the base of the bra at your upper back.

  • Halter- a halter top calls for a bra with straps that wrap around your neck.

  • Strapless - when in doubt, go with a strapless bra. It will fit underneath both racerback tanks and halter tops, as well as spaghetti straps and strapless tops.

My bra of choice throughout the summertime is the Cacique convertible bra (shown above), available at Lane Bryant. The band is wide enough to support my bust and is coated with an extremely durable layer of rubber to keep my charms nice and high. In addition, the cups are molded and seamless in order to lay flat under t-shirt material. And for those tops that plunge in the back? This bra includes an invisi-band that can be switched out with the regular colored closure.

Of course there are a few naughty occasions when catching the slightest glimpse of a beautiful lacey bra is acceptable - shopping at the grocery store just isn't one of them!

Product Details:
Cacique's BRA6 convertible plunge bra, $42, can be worn six ways. Available at Lane Bryant, in stores and online.
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