Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bombshell Book

I've long been a devoted reader of Lucky magazine, a magazine dedicated to shopping. Lucky is all about the clothes - you won't find "What's In/Out"lists or artistic spreads showing clothes on super-skinny 17- year old models.

What you will find are real options at average prices- a well edited selection of the latest, greatest clothes on the market and suggestions on how to wear them. I rely on Lucky for a monthly shot of inspiration; I'm able to look through the current trends, decide what I like and then head out to the stores to find my own version.

In addition to inspiration Lucky's beauty editor, Jean Godfrey-June, fills the magazine with all the beauty products a Bombshell needs/wants/has to have. I eagerly scour the pages for her fabulous finds and spot-on reviews. I was excited to see that she's written a book and rushed out to pick up a copy.

The book is a fun combination of beauty tips culled from years of being in the business, personal stories about her life and dishy tidbits on Vogue, Elle, various fashion designers and what goes on behind all the glamour of the fashion world.

Free Gift with Purchase- My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeup by Jean Godfrey-June. It's a refreshing alternative to the usual "chick lit" summer beach reads. Available in book stores now.

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