Thursday, May 10, 2007

What to Wear- Weddings

It's astounding how expensive weddings are, and not just for the bride's family. The average guest will pay close to $300 for each wedding attended. Think about it: $100 for a gift off the registry, $100 for any combination of hotel room/drinks at the cash bar/parking, etc. And that last $100? Reserved for an outfit that will make you feel fabulous and ready for a good time, without drawing too much attention to yourself (and away from the bride). Not to mention the cost of the mental anguish that goes along with choosing that outfit: sundress or sleeves? Is black ok; is cream inappropriate? Will the shoes that match kill your feet on the dance floor?

Save yourself some time and money by purchasing one extremely versatile dress that can be accessorized differently for each wedding to come over the next few months. Think it can't be done? Think again! The key to finding the perfect transitional dress is two-fold: cut and color.

The cut should be perfectly flattering for your body type. If your dress fits you perfectly, you'll look and feel amazing right out of the gate; if you look and feel amazing (and accessorize really well), it won't matter if you see the same people at multiple weddings. They won't notice you're wearing the same dress; they'll just simply look back on the night and think you looked fantastic.

In general, avoid wearing black or white. Choose navy blue, chocolate brown or another darker neutral that suits your skin tone. A neutral color is key to maximize accessorizing capabilities. The two dresses shown below are actually not dresses - they're from the Mix and Match collection at David's Bridal. That's right - David's Bridal. No, you don't have to be in the wedding party to find a dress at the ubiquitous discount wedding shop - although you should be perfectly sure that your dress doesn't accidentally match the wedding party's!

The beauty of the Mix and Match collection is that you can choose a top and skirt that fit your body and your style. Once you've got your dress put together, the fun part begins- accessories!

Navy blue and black scream Bombshell (French Bombshell at that!). Add black heels and a short sleeved cardigan for an effortlessly glamorous look. Pull the cardigan closed with a sparkly broach and you've bumped your style quotient (and formal-factor) up a notch. Head in a different direction with black flats and a wide belt cinched in at the waist. See? So many options.

This chocolate brown dress is equally versatile - add a pop of white with wedges, a clutch and white beads. Or glam it up with metallic strappy sandals, clutch and jewelry. Get creative, be a little daring, channel your inner Bombshell - trust me, this is just her kind of thing. Trust your instincts and have fun!

You can shop off the rack at your local David's Bridal, or search online and call in an order. Your dress should arrive for pick up within 4 weeks. Visit for details.

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