Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trend Translation - The Safari Look

One of summer’s hottest trends is the safari look – white button-down shirts, cargo shorts and pants, khaki everything. It's a very sporty, yet classic look that ups a woman's style quotient in an instant. So, how does this trend translate for the Bombshell?

A white button-down shirt exudes crisp, clean confidence, especially when paired with the casual khaki color palette. Choose cotton and look for darts or very subtle seaming along the bust line - you're going for tailored, not blousy. The intention is not to add bulk or detract from your fabulous curves.

One safari detail that adds undue bulk to a Bombshell figure is the cargo short. Now, I understand the need to have extra pockets all over a woman’s shorts if she is, in fact, on a safari. Handbags and underbrush don’t exactly compliment one another. Unless you're on a safari, dump the cargo shorts and replace them with sleek Bermuda shorts. Paired with heels (also not technically safari friendly), longer shorts look incredibly sleek and modern this summer.

One of the most fun ways to incorporate the essence of safari into your look is with jewelry made from very rustic, nature-inspired materials. Think wood, rope, and imperfect metals. Another safari inspired accessory to consider is the scarf – look for one of a subtle print of in a bold, primary color and tie it in your hair, around your neck or onto the handle of your purse. Instant chic!

The safari look is a classic that makes the trend lists every few years. Invest in a few utilitarian pieces in beige or green khaki and rest assured you’ll be able to wear them for years to come.

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