Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sense of Style

Thanks to fashion magazines and Web sites dedicated to the sport of star-watching, women are inundated with images of what is fashionable, cool, beautiful, sexy, etc. The ownership of fashion has evolved from the couture houses of Paris, run by artists such as Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga to, proprietors of mass market, ready-wear. In short, fashion is more about business than style. Why do hemlines rise and fall, jeans become tighter and tapered, then relaxed and flare out? It's not because extremely skinny jeans suddenly look fabulous, and then they don't. It's because the survival of the fashion industry rests on women wanting to look good, not trusting themselves implicitly to know what looks good, and racing out to buy whatever garment will "make"them fashionable, cool, beautiful, sexy.

Don't get me wrong - I love the availability of clothes, the fact that every season brings new styles and colors to choose from. I love to mix and match, find out what really works for me. What I don't love is the perpetuating myth that in order to be stylish, you have to follow the current style.

Today, I'm urging you, as a Bombshell, to become truly fashionable. Find which styles look good on you. On you. Regardless of what is currently "in style," figure out which cut of jeans flatter you, which colors and fabrics enhance your assets, whether you look and feel better in pants or skirts. A-line coats? Might be perfect. Tunics? Could be great. Skinny jeans? I doubt it, but maybe. The point is, you're only fashionable if you honor the shape of your body instead of the cover of Vogue. True style starts within and then works its way out.

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